12 reviews about Leo's Fine Food & Wine

03 Aug 2013

Expensive, but great for a good fresh cut of meat. The staff are so helpfull, I went in to buy meat for a bbq so they showed me the best steaksto get, gave me advice on my spit and i left feeling really pleased. I'll be back

03 Aug 2013

Fantastic selection of high quality products in a lovely clean store. I especially enjoy their huge selection of meats and ready to cook cuts. Only downside is I find the staff to be quite rude and make it obvious to stare you out while you're in the store, it seems they are very much up themselves, feeling either too good for their job or too good to serve you. Shame.

15 Jun 2012

Be prepared to PAY!!! As you descend from your mere vehicle you may feel out of place. The car park is covered with BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi....it could be mistaken for a prestige car sales lot! Once inside there are 2 areas of this shopping centre. One is epic and clean and very sorted, the other is ...hmmm, well you can tell its been there for a while. Don't let it detract from the superb quality of cheeses and meats available. Everything on the shelves looks like its only seconds old and I must admit i have seen items on the shelf that are cheaper than Coles. SAN MARZANO tomatoes are here if your a Pizza freak and that is one of the reasons I Love it. It's a must...go only once, but go!!

Thanks for that! =)

05 Jun 2012

My local Leo's is in Hartwell, however I do often go to Kew as I spend a lot of time in the area. The quality of all the produce is without a doubt the very best. You do however, pay the price. I believe that you pay for what you get, and to shop here you definitely need to be aware of that. In terms of floor staff there are not all that many floating around, but they are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Approximate cost: $1-50

20 Jan 2012

Huge range of gourmet and international delights but you will definitely be paying high price for them. It can be difficult to find certain items if you aren't a regular customer but the staff are more than happy to help.

02 Aug 2010

These guys are top the range in every sense of the word. Absolutely IMPECCABLE service, IMPECCABLE style, IMPECCABLE quality, IMPECCABLE range.

Sincerely, I love pay week because visiting Leo's is an absolute treat. It's for the rich only - I mean, everything is high cost, but Leo's has never ever failed to deliver on any aspect. They are an absolute favourite visit (when I can afford it).

HIGHLY recommended.

Approximate cost: $!!!

26 Jun 2010

very fancy store, felt intimidated by all the range rovers in the car park. but if you are looking for 100s of varieties of pasta and cheese, and you are welll to do go for it.

30 Sep 2009

Love coming to Leo's to buy a treat. It is quite expensive but you really do get what you are paying for with the quality of food. the service is excellent, the staff are always happy to help. not the sort of place i would be doing my weekly shop at because of the cost factor but for any special occasion or if i'm looking for something in particular, Leo's is a great place to shop

01 Dec 2008

For a small supermarket this has a lot in it. Every thing is top quality and they have a good range of gluten free and international food. Cost is a little more but this is definitely an example of you get what you pay for

30 Jan 2008

It's a pleasure to shop at Leos. Sadly I live on the other side of town now so I miss their freshly squeezed orange juice, their wonderful deli and gorgeous variety of food. It's worth going in there just to walk passed the coffee area...it smells amazing

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