11 reviews about Little Thai Cafe

30 Apr 2018

Great food, great price. Massaman curry is a real winner. Fish dish wasn't quite in the same league as their other food. BYO wine is available.

08 May 2017

The food is delicious Thai food one would expect. Kitchen seems to be slow with orders but we weren't rushing. It has a quite nice atmosphere. Would recommend to any Thai food lovers.

24 Aug 2014

one of the best thai restaurants takeaway ive ever been to. the staff is very friendly and helpful. price is reasonable and the food taste delicious.definitely will go back again

18 Jan 2013

This place has great food, my favourite being the Pad Thai, which I tend to go back for. There are only a few noodle options, but this is better sometimes as easier to decide. The staff are very friendly and service is reasonably quick. Your general value for money and competitive with the other Thai restaurants in the area. Was attracted to it when first moved to the area due to the amount of people inside and tend to just keep going back again and again, and I love Thai

Approximate cost: $15

03 Aug 2012

There are so many Thai restaurants in our area in the past few year but i always comfortably coming back to Little Thai. They serve great Thai foods. Staffs are very helpful and friendly. We love our local restaurant and always bring our friends there. Prices are good. They use chicken breast and tender beef and give good portion. Highly recommended.

Approximate cost: $13

MazB35 03 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

sounds great! thanks for the review!

27 May 2012

awesome food. the stay chicken skewers are good as well as the massaman curry as its not too spicy. ptices arent too bad either. good value.

22 Nov 2011

I am always recommending this restaurant to friends!! We were there just last week, and as usual the food and service were tops! So glad I've found a great thai restaurant!! Yay!!

04 Jul 2011

The food is delicious. The massaman curry and the pad thai are our regular favourites! Have only eaten in once usually get take away, sometimes there is a bit of a wait but generally the great food comes with a quick service. Haven't eaten at a better Thai restaurant!

Approximate cost: $15

19 May 2011

Ok when I first tried this place out I loved it the penang curry was nice and the beef stir fry was good, however they overload on the veggies especially in the fried rice and pad thai. However from a few deliveries later and one recently their quality has reduced rapidly I thought it was just slipshod cooking, the beef in the fried rice and currywas chewy and the pad thai stuck together like glue and came out as a lump on my plate, very displeased.

Approximate cost: $11

lusianac 05 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Sounds disappointing

24 Mar 2010

We often eat food from here- it is a good local that also does home delivery which is great for when you're feeling lazy. All the food is quite tasty, I love the mixed entree. The only negative for me is that the meat did not fall apart in the massaman curry

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