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18 reviews about Make Changes NLP & Hypnotherapy

31 Jan 2018

For people thinking of coming to Wendy I'd say
the hypnotherapy works fantastically for giving up smoking. There are no cravings for cigarettes and you hardly even think about them.

The main physical difference I've noticed is less fatigue in the legs when cycling up hills. I can get off the saddle and put full weight on the pedals for longer.

The extra cash is used mostly for the day-to-day stuff: I don't have to think twice when wanting to buy something.

Great to hear some of the positive differences giving up smoking has made for you Zolton. Impressive re the cycling!
Thanks for sharing and leaving a review, Wendy

08 Aug 2017

I'm feeling fantastic! I have noticed that my cough has ceased. My skin appears brighter and my teeth appear whiter. Walking is a lot easier and I find that I can walk for longer periods of time without gasping for air.

The changes are very noticeable to me. I still very occasionally get a thought about smoking but I simply acknowledge it and then let it go and it passes without an issue.

Thanks so much for helping me achieve the goal

That's so great to hear you're feeling fantastic Ellen! I look forward to staying in touch and hearing about those noticeable changes as they grow over time. You're very welcome and it was my pleasure to help with that :), Wendy

13 Jun 2017

I came to Wendy with a fear of public speaking. Over the course of just three sessions, I developed a sense of calm, confidence and even excitement about a number of upcoming speaking engagements. Not only did I speak with confidence at each of these engagements, but also with professionalism and relaxed humour. In fact, I presented so well that I have been asked to return for further speaking engagements. I would thoroughly recommend Wendy to anyone looking to address issues around anxiety.

Thanks for the feedback & posting Julia. I couldn't be happier for you!, Wendy

05 Jun 2017

If i could give Wendy a 100 star review, i would. Wendy has changed my life. Thanks to Wendy i have been 6 months smoke free!! I honestly walked into the clinic a total cynic and have come out a believer. It actually worked. I have not touched/o thought about smoking since leaving Wendy 6 months ago. From pack a day smoker to 0. If you are serious about quitting and need help i could not recommend Wendy enough.
Thanks you!!

My pleasure Rosa, and thanks for letting others know you converted to believer in the space of your session - Didn't that 6 months go by quick! - enjoy the next 6 months even more! , Wendy

05 Jan 2017

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for helping me quit smoking and let you know I haven't had a cigarette since you helped me quit back on the 26th of June 2014, its now been 2 1/2 years and I feel great, although I have since faced some trying times mentally and emotionally I have not had the urge or felt the temptation to pick up a cigarette, I was immediately comfortable around other smokers and never had to change any of my routine as it changed on its own (being a Non Smoker), I know it’s your job and many may think that gratitude is not warranted but I think otherwise, I know I couldn't have done this without your help, Thank you again. Cheers, Con.

Thanks Con - it's great to hear from you. I really appreciate you taking the time to share this with me and others. It was my pleasure to help. Glad you're feeling great!, Wendy

14 Sep 2016

Really great service. Helped me with my issues. Highly recommended and healed core issue. Thanks!

I'm happy to have helped. Thanks for the recommendation and rating, Wendy

11 Aug 2016

Hi Wendy, I'm pretty good :) I don't feel anxious anymore although very rarely like (Once a week/today I was questioning if it was okay for my bed pillows to be on the floor near the turned off PowerPoint so I stopped for a second and then verbally said everything is fine and walked away). I'm much more happier and when I'm locking my car id pull it once and say it didn't open it is locked and walk away so my ocd tendencies have almost gone! :) I've used the anchor twice when I was worked up emotionally but I'm so thankful :)

Glad to hear you're doing great and feeling happier. Thanks for letting me know, Wendy.

10 Jan 2016

Since seeing Wendy I have lost 10 Kgs and have kept it off. I find that I have changed my lifestyle having a different understanding of why I eat certain food and now I am able to enjoy in realistic portion sizes.

thanks Peter, it's been great to see the many changes you've made in your life, plus that you're now 10kg lighter and healthier. I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about it all keeping on going!, Wendy

14 Aug 2015

Stuck in a never ending loop of going back to cigarettes when life got difficult, I booked in for a hypnotherapy session to quit with Wendy. Whenever I have quit before I have a last cigarette at night, start on nicotine patches the next morning and 'hope' to get thru the 1st day, then the 2nd etc etc-always a real struggle that first week. Each time I'd tried to quit lately I couldn't get thru the first day. I have NEVER been able to quit part way thru a day-ever.

My session with Wendy was at 12.30, I had a 2 hour drive there after working away and arrived with maybe 20-25 cigarettes smoked- like I was saying goodbye to them. I had my session with Wendy, over an hour.

I drove back the 2 hours for work. I did not even FEEL like having a cigarette. Haven't since other than one or two moments seeing it in a film and thinking it looks nice, but didn't still actually want one.

Its 7 weeks today- Its like a minor miracle to be honest. I don't know how the hypnotism works, it just does. Its like they hold no appeal to me- I'm not revulsed by cigarettes either- they are just nothing to me.

Oh, and I spent years working for a tobacco company, at my worst of 30 years smoking I hit 80 a day. If this stuff works for me-Wendy can make it work for you. As I say, I don't know HOW it works, I just know that it DOES work. - Dean, Flemington

7 weeks already! Thanks for sharing Dean and so glad that cigarettes are 'just nothing' to you now! - Perfect, Wendy

28 Apr 2015

For a long time in my life I have suffered from anxiety and over the years I have tried many things. One thing that made a difference were the hypnotherapy sessions I had with Wendy. The entire session is comfortable and welcoming and I walked away with a range of tools that I could use and practise in my daily life. I would recommend Wendy to people who want to make positive changes their life.

Thank you. I enjoyed working together, and glad to hear how well you are doing, Wendy

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