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23 reviews about Manchester Rd Dental Surgery

29 Jul 2015

I would definitely recommend the Manchester Road Dental Surgery to anyone requiring dental treatment. Both David and Amanda are thorough Dentists and have their patients welfare as their priority. For large dental work - e.g. crowns etc. - they will allow patients to pay the account in stages. It is good knowing that they both come to Mooroolbark with excellent and thorough ideas that are modern and suit the current times.

02 Dec 2014

Satisfactory with lots of good explanations and care taken with treatment. Very good explanations of various treatment options

18 Nov 2014

Overall a positive experience. Very minimal pain involved. A very professional and easy to talk to. Always given good sound advice.

10 Oct 2014

I always find everyone very nice and very helpful. Great people........................................

05 Oct 2014

Dr David is the most gentle dentist. He does his best to make you as comfortable as possible, whilst doing a great job on your teeth. He is also a really nice guy and genuinely interested in his patients. Yes he is Just WOW!

27 Sep 2014

Excellent service. Staff are very professional and friendly.

Experience was very pleasant for my check up and clean.

Dentist were informative for any issues concerning my teeth.

Overall I would definitely come back here again for any future dental treatments.

26 Sep 2014

Best experience at the dentists I've ever had!
The staff were so friendly and made me feel very calm and comfortable. I came in with a very sore tooth. The dentist did a thorough check whilst also talking to me throughout the process and explaining what he was doing. He gave me a list of options for what I could do next and gave me pros and cons of each option. On my next visit, I had my root canal done. I had been told by friends that root canals were really painful so I was apprehensive going in. However, the entire procedure was pretty much painless and the only thing that was sore by the end of it was my jaw muscles from having to keep my mouth open for a while. The dentist gave suggestions on how to alleviate any pain that might occur post-visit and how to care for the tooth. It was nice being explained what was happening, compared to other dentists I've been to that just do the job and send you out as soon as they're done. Would definitely recommend to friends and family for a pleasant experience at the dentists!

05 Aug 2013

Great dental practice!!
I found the experience at this dentist remarkably pleasant- which is surprising because I've always hated going to the dentist and am a very anxious patient! The friendly, understanding receptionist, nurse and dentist put me at ease from the get go. The dentist patiently explained to me what was wrong with my broken front tooth and what needed to be done. They fixed my tooth without causing me any pain nor anxiety and it looked good as new. I was so impressed by how comfortable they made me feel, that I'm even going back for a check-up- the first time in many years.

Approximate cost: $200

12 Jul 2012

Horrific experience!!! Beware.... The receptionist is extremely rude and unhelpful, the dentist extracted my tooth without an xray (took over 1 hr in the chair to extract..) worst experience of my life. I am still trying to recover 2 months later. I feel permanently scarred from this experience. Never again.

Approximate cost: $200

Hi there,

We are sorry to hear about your previous negative experience at the practice. We would like to inform you know that we are now under new ownership - please feel free to find out more about us on our website You will see that our aim is to provide our patients with a friendly, gently. caring, and positive experience. Should you have any dental requirements we are happy to help you out and we hope you will find an environment where you are comfortable with being treated by our dentists.

yours sincerely,

the new management at Manchester Rd Dental Surgery

08 Feb 2011

First check up 4 years and was pretty nervice, but they were so friendly, and let me know before they didnt anything so as not to shock me.
When discussing the potential arrival of wisdom teeth it was nice to be told there was no need to do anything until they arrived, rather than be pressured into xrays and other unnecessary treatments.
Will definitely be going back there for my next check up!

Approximate cost: $90

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