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08 Feb 2011

First check up 4 years and was pretty nervice, but they were so friendly, and let me know before they didnt anything so as not to shock me.
When discussing the potential arrival of wisdom teeth it was nice to be told there was no need to do anything until they arrived, rather than be pressured into xrays and other unnecessary treatments.
Will definitely be going back there for my next check up!

Approximate cost: $90

10 Dec 2010

I took my teenage daughter for her 1st check up in a while. I used the teen dental health medicare voucher to value of $157.00. She had a check up, x-rays, her teeth properly cleaned of tartar & was given instruction on brushing properly etc.
They were great with her and only charged to the amount on the voucher. I know that she received more than $157. worth of treatment I had been chard nearly twice that at another dentist last year for same treatment. Also I hadn't realized I couldn't use the voucher but needed to pay up front and redeem voucher through medicare, I didn't have enough cash on me and they allowed me to pay cash the following day.
I was given a gentle reminder about the frequency of dental checks for teenagers and I will be going back

Approximate cost: $157.00

16 Jun 2009

I had 2 wisdom teeth out, the dentist chatted the whole time to put me at ease. He pulled my teeth with minimal fuss, and I hardly felt it. Thi visit was less than 20 minutes and cost me $280, so cheap!!

Approximate cost: $280

19 Sep 2007

A fantastic dentist surgery. Ian Woolfe has a fantastic practice in Mooroolbark.

Going to the dentist is never fun, however the gentle and professional manner in which you are treated makes your visit much easier. Unlike many other health care professionals, there are not long waiting times to get in to see the dentists.

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