4 reviews about Mansfield Hotel

06 Sep 2013

Well it's a country pub. What more can I say !!!
Typical bars & counter meals. But nice food. I will warn you though. The meals are massive. When at a country pub, one must have the chicken parma. OMG !!! Talk about a big meal. We could have shared, but ordered one each. Yummy, so we probably ate too much. My little one love the kids size pasta, again a large serve, but managed to eat most.

05 Jul 2012

Always a great place to grab a feed. the courtyard is awesome in summer. service is sometimes pretty average. It is usually the best place to go out on a Saturday night in Mansfield

09 Nov 2009

We had dinner and lunch here and it was really good. They had a large selection of gluten-free meals, which was great. There was a beautiful area outside to sit and the restaurant inside was large and roomy.

11 Jul 2008

mansfield hotel is quite a sophisticated country hotel with excellent meals and a good atmosphere. There is a large outdoor area with shade tree which is great in the summer. Can be quite busy

Approximate cost: $20-25

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