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19 Apr 2013

My partner and I took a weekend trip to the Mornington Peninsula and we saw the art gallery sign and pulled in. Confused at first as there are three entry points, we went across the mote and through the big wooden doors into a circular sculpture room. We explored the vast array of artwork and sculptures (my favourite!) spread across many sub galleries. It is a big art gallery made larger again with a sculpture filled courtyard around an oak tree. I loved the gallery experience, We missed out on a table at the gallery bar and grill café. Next time.

Approximate cost: $0

23 Feb 2011

a friend recommended Manyung ,the atmosphere is lovely, all in all a pleasant experience except the bread we ordered was very expensive,wine was lovely and the Waitress although under pressure was very good.

Approximate cost: $85.00

10 Jul 2008

One of the Mornington Peninsula's most finest art gallery's. I love this place because it has an old nostalgic feel to it,with various art works created from artists all over the Morningotn Peninsula. The works range from jewellery,sculptors,paintings and glassware. They even have and cafe/restaraunt where you can have a bite to each and soak up the tranquility.

Approximate cost: $priceless

10 Jul 2008

Fascinating to visit every month or so to see the latest on show. The attached restaurant - Boyz@Manyung is a great place to have a coffee or do lunch. The food is terrific , the atmosphere comfortable and service is spot on.

foodcrazy 11 Jul 2008 · 80% Trust

I agree. I like Boyz@Manyung's cakes. Perfect to go with coffee. Perfect place to meet friends.

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