20 reviews about Mary's Wax Pot

15 May 2018

Amazing staff and quality.
Myself and my mum come to these ladies regularly and we don't go any place else, very pleased every single time!

13 Sep 2017

Excellent service and lovely professional staff. It's the only waxing place I have been in the last 5 years and I live in Melbourne

17 Aug 2015

Most painless waxing I have ever experienced. Lovely staff and great value for money. I live in Melbourne and travel to Ballarat just to go here, would recommend it to anyone.

04 Nov 2012

Lovely staff with wonderful customer service. They made my experience very comfortable and relaxing. Would recommend to anyone!!!

27 Oct 2012

Fantastic! Lovely staff who make you feel at ease and suprisingly, very little discomfort. I will definitely go back!

23 Sep 2012

I love going to Marys. For excellent prices the quality is great and after my first time, I'm now a regular client! It's great being out of town a little as it is more private this way and the girls are all friendly and great to chat to- making it an overall enjoyable experience.

Approximate cost: $25

07 Sep 2012

It has the cheapest price for waxing compared with other salons in Sturt street ,the staff was really clean and professional when I go there I really have fun with my waxing without any pain

21 Nov 2011

Mary's wax lot is great.
Excellent prices and is situated just out of the city centre which makes it a little more comfortable and private.

I recently went to Mary's and was quite nervous as it was my first time however my therapist was lovely and made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I was in and out within 15-20 minutes which passed quickly.
Waxing is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and I rather enjoyed it here.
They could pay a little more attention to particular areas, I left with some hairs still existent, however for the price I couldn't complain.
I'll be returning to Mary's for it was overall quite satisfactory.

Approximate cost: $30

10 Apr 2011

amazing, my first waxing experience . i was made to feel comfortable, and relaxed. kasey is a gem. thank you heaps will be going there and no where else

08 Mar 2011

Always happy with their professional service.
Cheap but not nasty.
Can't find any other wax services in the area that compare to Mary's.

Approximate cost: $10

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