28 reviews about Max Brenner

12 Oct 2018

Fondue is amazing. Strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and pieces of banana bread to dip into chocolate sauce. So yummy and delicious

21 Mar 2015

Fondue for two is amazing. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate with strawberries, banana and piece of banana bread. So decadent and delicious.
Service is ok, room for improvement. It is a busy store though!

20 Feb 2015

Max Brenner as been well known for their chocolate so when I went in. Most often crowded and the service is always slow. The place was fully packed and the service was average.

04 Jan 2013

Awesome chocolate experience. They have a new summer deserts menu & we tried the mint sundae- really yummy. Staff were friendly even though they were busy & my only negative is there were lots of tables still to be cleared & wiped down.

11 Nov 2012

Ordered the Chocolate Pizza with a Crunch. For $16 the size was not terribly expensive but not exactly cheap either. It tasted pretty good, very much a chocolate overdose. I like Max Brenner and would return again but probably wouldn't order the chocolate pizza. While it was good it is a bit overrated considering all the praise I've heard about chocolate pizzas from my friends. Both my friend and I agree that the atmosphere of this particular store isn't too great since it is in a laneway and walkway. Since it is a franchise, most of the offerings are the same as you would find elsewhere.

04 May 2012

Great place to grab a hot chocolate and a few chocolate pieces from the display on a cold winters day.

#711 in Melbourne VIC
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02 May 2012

My fave place for indulging in chocholates. Love the waffles with strawberries and chocholate but my most favorite is the Babka. It's so rich and chocholatey with a hint of cinnamon. Love the hot dark chocholate in the hugging mug.

01 May 2012

Quality of food and drink: for those who love chocolate very much (chocolate lovers) , Max Brenner is the place you should go.

Service: Some of the staff were not very friendly and helpful.

Price: Too be honest it is a bit pricey.

22 Apr 2012

max brenner is ok. they are very busy and with such a small store in melbourne central (for how packed they get), it is difficult for the staff to clear tables fast enough and make the drinks on time. our drinks were great tasting, but a little on the slow side, and as a result my mocha was only warm when it arrived. I could have swallowed it in one sip (to give you an idea). not terrible and not that bad, but I would have liked it a bit hotter, to be able to enjoy it longer. our table was not cleared the whole time we were there and they did not give us any water (the previous patron's water bottle was still on the table).
i agree with the others, 6.00 for a mocha is expensive. good for a treat every now and then but i wouldn't make it a habit.

Approximate cost: $15

25 Feb 2012

The meals and beverages are absolutely to die for! My only issue is the excessive price of hot drinks! $6.50 for a mocha is roughly twice the standard price! However the quality makes up for it. Waffles with chocolate sauce, strawberries + bananas are fantastic.

Approximate cost: $15

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