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19 Jul 2016

Absolutely HORRENDOUS! Max was the rudest person I have ever met in my life. I went to pick the shoes up yesterday, and they appeared unfinished with lumpy finishes and exposed staples. I questioned if it was supposed to be like this. He then continued to yell at me harassing me for bringing him "S***" and expecting brand new shoes.. (the shoes i brought him were $200 leather flats. ) He kept attracting attention with his loud voice and exclaiming how "this is why he wants to sell the shop and get out of the business". He was supposedly outraged that i would question his work, even kindly as i did. He then snatched the shoes out of my hand and told me he would do them again and i should come back the next day. I left shaking.
The next day I came with my partner and he had returned the shoes to me with a much better job done. He was not yelling however was still very cold and never even looked at me. Just the presence of being around there caused me to walk away shaking and crying again from the anger this man created.
What an absolute disappointment in human nature. Please do not support this kind of behavior and do not go to Max's shoe repair EVER. Your $30 is better spent on a homeless person than in this shop.

Approximate cost: $30

tess-v 04 Aug 2016 · 0% Trust

Hi ,
I have just come across your review & couldn't help but reply to this ridiculous comment after just having my shoes repaired with such excellent service, quality of work & friendly manner I was referred by word of mouth & recommendation. By the looks of it the below reviews also support what I am writing. I find it hard to believe that someone could leave this shop so distraught..sounds extremely over dramatic! In saying that I will certainly be recommending Max to all my friends & family!

04 Oct 2012

I fixed my shoes and my bags at Max's shoe and bag repair .. I would recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for great service in repairing your lovely shoes and bags..

They repaired my shoes (boots) and my handbags really well.. I am very satisfied with their service... very friendly staff too .. and it is of course worth of every penny to get my stuff fixed. :)

30 Oct 2010

I got a recommendation for this place and have never looked back. They repair shoes really well and I trust them with my favourite and expensive shoes. When I was doing a bit of interstate travel I got fustrated at having to take my shoes off all the time to go through security, and when I asked the guys if they could do anything to prevent my shoes from going off they gave me a bit of a funny look, but when I picked them up they looked like they had done something different and sure enough next time I didn't have to take my shoes off going through security!! The main point is that these guys repair your shoes properly, and you don't have to go running back there every second week to get your shoes resoled... it can get quite expensive with some womens shoes. Its worth going out of your way to get your shoes done here.

31 Mar 2010

These guys are perfectionists, i bought my patent leather handbag in Poland, after 12 months my bag started tearing in all the stress points, i was so upset because i loved it so much and i new i would't find another bag like it in Australia, i am so glad i found Max's shoes and bag repairs because they have done such a great job,now i can enjoy my bag for many more years to come.
Thanks Max's shoes!

03 Aug 2007

Very happy. Friendly service, made recommendations on how to repair my favourite winter boots. Workmanship was great, and the turnaround very fast. Like the olde worlde ambiance of the store as well. Very personal.

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