3 reviews about Mayfield Hotel & Bistro

10 Apr 2015

Came across this place on my walk through Mayfield and was pleasantly surprised. The friendly staff were ever so accommodating for my 1 year old daughter. And the food was the best pub feed I've had
In years...
Good, honest Pub fare.
My new favourite

Approximate cost: $17

17 Sep 2013

Had chicken pram. nice hot fresh juciy. Service was a bit off, had a really rude waiter. i enjoy the pram but serviced turned me off. adding together the meal and service was not worth $21. unhappy

Approximate cost: $21

18 Jun 2008

I have had lunch once at the bistro of this hotel and unfortunately I wont be returning. The food was cold and not terribly good. The staff were however friendly.

Approximate cost: $15

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