8 reviews about McDonalds Family Restaurant

06 Sep 2012

This past weekend we decided to go through the drive through for lunch before a long drive.
They didn't have frozen coke,
The lamb burger had no sauce,
After driving away we had to return as we didn't receive 1 burger, had no straws for our drink and no sauce for the nuggets.
Completely annoying as we had driven off before realizing this.

Approximate cost: $10

08 Jun 2010

Love the kids meals great value for money and a toy as well. What more could a kid want. They eat the lot too, what more could a parent want?

Approximate cost: $5.00

16 Nov 2009

There good most the time rarely will they run out of stuff and I love the frozen cokes ... might go get one now! they are always consistant with there products and service and they are open 24 hours.

20 Mar 2009

no better place to bring your kids than maccas when you are on the run, clean environment great customer service, and the playground any kid would love to play on

28 Jul 2008

We have 2 girls, and their favourite thing is to stop at maccas on the way thru to Melbourne. Firstly, the whole order was keyed incorrectly - and this is going thru the driveway, so we could see she was keying it in wrong. Then we were charged for 2 happy meals, but told only 1 was ordered - did check as she was again keying it in, and informed that I can't add up.

Then made to wait, with people behind us, because the extra happy meal - that I had to pay again for - was an extra order, and had to wait until all the other cars had been served

Then to top it off, the chips were all black, and some still frozen, and the coke was SOOOO watered down, we had to throw it out.....

Last time I go there

24 Jan 2008

This store is fantastic, they were attentive to my boyfriends needs as he is allergic to pickles and onions, overall it was a great dining experience.

Approximate cost: $20.00

12 Nov 2007

The food is hardly ever fresh, even in the morning. Staff get upset when you ask for something to be made fresh, which is how it should be. AS the person below said, the McCafe is actually ok and yeah, the toilets are pretty gross but that's to be expected, McDonald's isn't the epitome of fine dining and someone looking for such an experience wouldn't be going there.

03 Nov 2007

The food is always cold. Drive thru is always slow and they mess up your order nearly every time. The toilets are often messy and the managers stand around talking alot with the staff. The McCafe however is great and of a high standard.

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