6 reviews about McDonalds Family Restaurant

22 Aug 2013

mc donalds epping is a great family restaurant. drive thru service is swift, and have never had an incorrect order. staff are friendly, and their restaurant is always clean and tidy. their food is always nice too! well done!

14 Aug 2013

highly recommended mcdonalds been here once was quite happy they were quick never forgot anything and it tasted fine most mcdonalds are so forgetful have not been here for years tho

17 Apr 2012

great friendly staff, clean envirnoment fast service good food, will go back in future. always a favourite

Approximate cost: $9.00

zalanoocas 26 Apr 2012 · 100% Trust

Why is this rated so low but good comments about it?

05 Aug 2010

Epping Mcdonalds is always fast & fresh, even with the long cues. Although i do find that the workers could be tad more customer friendly :)

04 Sep 2009

McDonals still needs to catch up on better burgers which is what they started with but Im not sure they can for the price. The cafe is getting better so at least that might be something to pull in more customers

babenreviewer 14 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

i agree i do like the cafe bit

16 Sep 2007

Often have to wait in a que especially at lunch time. The last few times i went i was disappointed that the thickshake machine was broken. Service is also slow on special orders.

Approximate cost: $8

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