4 reviews about McDonalds

17 Feb 2012

This McDonald's restaurant was cleaner than others. It was a nice meal and good service.I would return again anytime.

Approximate cost: $9.00

21 Jun 2010

This maccas is the better maccas than most others one near I know of. The area always clean and tidy. The atmosphere is very inviting for you to stay longer than you want.

Approximate cost: $8

19 Apr 2010

McDonalds Waitara appears a clean restaurant and has less waiting times then others nearby. However we have been disappointed when we get home and the food does not seem as hot as we expected and wanted.

23 May 2008

This Maccas is pretty good - the food is up to standard and its very clean however they stuff up our orders all the time! Several times we haev gotten home and found we have the completley wrong burgers, sometimes they miss out on a meal. One time we had double of everything and once they tried to give us 5 drinks for 3 people. They would be a lot better if they paid more attention to the orders.

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