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15 reviews about Melbourne Cheap Movers

12 Nov 2012

Got the guys to move furniture from my Mum's heavily furnished house on the weekend. They were absolute machines who never stopped moving the entire time.
We got a 6 tonne with 3 removalists and it was done in half the time I thought it would take.
They're now helping her out by quoting a price to clean the house.
This is the easiest move I've ever experienced.

Approximate cost: $130

08 Dec 2015

WOW! Last minute booking and they were more than happy to fit us in the staff on the phone was so polite and I was even more blown away by the staff that came out to the job - on time, well presented and such hard workers - they clearly love their job, We had quite a few large items of furniture and they moved them with no issues at all.

08 Dec 2015

I have used their packing services on quite a few occasions now and the staff are very quick and careful when packing - we had so many glass and ceramic items to be packed and nothing was damaged! - Highly recommended such a great service. Thanks again for the great work!

08 Dec 2015

I recently booked Melbourne Cheap Movers when we moved rental properties - The staff were so friendly and so quick packing up all our furniture, I was very very impressed! Hard Working staff that clearly love their job. Everything was completed quickly - Was such a stress-free day for me

01 Nov 2015

The name says it all

They were late to the job, drove 15kms under the speed limit, it took them 45 minutes to get to Moonee Ponds from Essendon (usually a 5 min trip in peak hour) we also had a drop off to do prior to my things coming to my place, and they packed the first things out at the back of the truck, so wasted more time and money getting them out

They took hours to unload, and severely damaged most of my furniture

$1,000 butchers bench, they broke the wheels off, and tried to put them back on (twice) but only caused more damage

$500 chest, deep scratches and dints all over, and chips and chunks taken out of it

$600 fridge, no longer working

$200 white shelving with scratches all down one side

boxes were brought in upside down - so don't put anything in that will open

Have contacted the company on numerous occasions, with the promise of a resolution, but nothing as small as a phone call back as yet (almost one week)

The manager even said the removalists never saw the fridge in working order, so it can't be confirmed it they are at fault for the fridge, which is interesting, because when they arrived I was emptying out the fridge and they asked if they could have some of the cold water from the fridge

I should mention I was made to pay full price because insurance would cover loss and damages!

*update* was offered $250 compensation, or insurance with an excess cost of $450 payable by me (more than the actual cost of moving) - now in contact with my lawyer



Disgusting, after nearly two months of trying to come to a resolution regarding the damage to my furniture, and the company sending me back and forth for quotes - they then had the audacity to say the drivers never saw any damage, therefore the company isnt liable (even after agreeing to have insurance cover the loss and damage). They also said they received my job sheet saying the furniture was received in good condition

I took a photo of the job sheet, outlining what they broke - they weren't too happy when I told them I have evidence!

Approximate cost: $425

11 Mar 2015

Moved with these guys few weeks ago, on a hot and humid morning and these guys worked hard to move me from northcote to bayside, in record time with no stress. They took it all their stride when the new building posed unexpected issues, with humour and professionalism. Will use again!

Approximate cost: $90

30 Apr 2013

Absolute amazing move. The mover did a good job. And you guys are the cheapest in this industry.

Will use you again next month for the whole house move.

30 Apr 2013

They were amazing as in the work they performed moving a 3bedroom which was never been that easy.

Thank you to Cheap movers for a great job the other day. They have very cheap prices and best quality of work i recieved.

Hiew trung

Approximate cost: $95

03 Feb 2013

$95 per hour for a 4 tonne truck and 2 men is probably one of the better priced....but sometimes you do get what you pay for. The guys were late and didn't call to tell me until I had already waited 45mins...they said they had just finished another job and said they will be another 30mins.
Since it was charged by the hour we didn't want to waste time so we started to move all our stuff into the driveway so that all they needed to do was load the truck. My husband and I had moved over 80% of our stuff into the garage and driveway by the time they arrived.
When we were ready to go I asked the guys if they knew the way expecting them to say yes because I have already given the destination address at the time of booking but they said they will follow me. I said I was going the tollway and they said they charge $15 extra for the toll which was something extra that I didn't take into account for.
The thing that really frustrated me was that they were driving 10km below the speed limit the whole way even in the 60 and 70 zones, I had to slow down to their speed for the whole 50min trip and ended up losing them at some lights towards the end of the trip. I waited 10 mins at my destination before they arrived. I don't know if this is their strategy to buy more time but I wasn't happy about that.
Overall the service definitely wasn't something you would call professional or efficient.

Approximate cost: $300

ReecesCheckYaPieces 18 Feb 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Pli2996, Thanks for a detailed review. Unfortunately, many people get suckered in to paying removalists 'by the hour', often with (financially) detrimental results. This is why we always prebook a home visit so that a written quote can be obtained. This way, we are covered financially and the only thing we need to worry about is the potential for damage. Thanks again for a great review. Reeces

19 Mar 2012

These guys were on time, did the job with no complaints and seemed satisfactory in their knowledge of removals. A few niggly things let the quality of their service down, but nothing major. I'm not sure I would use them to move a whole house, but certainly for small moves such as a few items of furniture I may use again.

Approximate cost: $70

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