2 reviews about Memorial Park Community Kindergarten

15 Jul 2013

What a fantastic Kindergarten! The long serving teachers and staff are wonderful... The facilities are first class, with an abundance of equipment for the children to use and learn from. Both my children came through this Kindy and I could not have asked for a better platform for them to transition to Prep. Would highly recommend this service to any parent.!

23 Feb 2012

My son attended this kindy for a while a few years ago. It was well organized, and it is obvious that they've been doing this for a long time. Great play spaces, lots of art activities. In the end, my quibble was that because they are a two room centre, there were always lots and lots of kids around. Not a problem for most kids, but mine was quite shy and struggled with it. Also, he would fall asleep after lunch, and they'd leave him to sleep until home time. Fair enough, as they recognized he was very tired, but one time I went to pick him up, and he wouldn't wake up! He'd developed a fever while he was asleep, and because they were used to him sleeping for a couple of hours, they hadn't checked on him. He was very ill, I carried him out and straight to a doctor. It took half an hour to raise him. Nothing against the kindy, nor the teachers, but the sheer number if kids, and I guess a certain kind of complacency from doing the same job, year after year, led to that situation. Still, lovely place, with great equipment.

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