10 reviews about Meninga Fresh 7-Day Fruit Market

16 Jan 2013

Excellent fruit shop. They stock everything you could want - lovely fresh fruit and vegetables plus huge range of asian veges (great for stir-fry). Every is nice and fresh and lasted us (stayed fresh) for considerably longer than fruit / vege fromthe supermarkets.
Recently you can even see Mal himself int he shop (every now and then.... I haven't seen him every time I've been in!!!)
The staff are friendly and know their stuff.... on a few occassions I have asked them about certain veges that I don't use and asked how to prepare & cook with them, the staff were very knoweldgable and helpful.

20 Jun 2012

Great place to shop, fast service, no waiting in long queues and really love the big box of assorted vegies for just 10 bucks!! They were very fresh and lasted for longer than the ones bought in supermarkets. ;)

31 Dec 2009

As my local fruit & vege shop I have found them to carry both quality produce at prices that are either the same or dearer than coles and they carry poor quality produce at a cheap price. The last company that owned it had more specials for good quality fruit & veg.

serenityjane 30 Nov 2010 · 60% Trust

I agree 100%

23 Nov 2009

We were visiting friends in the area,on our way home we decided to do our fruit &vegie shopping,but we also came across a big surprise we found KIWI ICE CREAM 2lt being sold there, we use to purchase this at Woolworths but they no longer stock it.So all you kiwis go to Meninga fruit for your KIWI ICE CREAM it's the best as you would be aware. HAPPY SHOPPER KAREN. WE WILL BE BACK.

24 Aug 2009

Clean ,tidy,well stocked,[no stale stuff pushed at you]very well priced ,and the service is 1st class ,Owner is very well known as a very honest person ,and although a renowned sportsman,he is very modest

23 Aug 2009

A wide variety of fruit and vegies at costs everyone can afford. They also stock meat and dairy produces so you can do a quick stop and get everything you need for dinner. Friendly service too!

28 Dec 2008

very friendly great with disable people,VERY FRIENDLY STAFF CAN NOT DO ENOUGH FOR YOU.due to me being in a wheelchair i can not thank them enough for there understanding, always wiling to help

Approximate cost: $40.OO

18 Jun 2008

This is the best fruit and vegetable shop in the area. The quality is usually very good and the price much better than the supermarkets. They have a wonderful range and are very helpful in providing the service. The shop was recently renovated and is looking great.

23 May 2008

Nice clean shop with good quality fruit and veg. Good friendly service and the prices are fairly good too. They have a big variety of everything as well.

22 May 2008

The store has had an overhaul & is great to shop in. The produce seems really fresh & of good quality. They have great specials & the staff are always really lovely.

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