7 reviews about Menya Ramen

30 Jul 2018

Budget delicious Japanese food. The environment is lovely, I got served very fast, and the don dishes are huge. I recommend the teriyaki beef don which interestingly comes in different veggies every time I come and eat.

10 Jun 2013

super quick food, massive portions and decent value

only downside is that it's always busy and there's no seating available usually, it comes to a point during peak hour everyone waits outside for their order and it kinda blocks the alleyway

11 Jun 2012

Always busy with limited seating area... served delicious food with a huge portion.. Normally i always have the gyutandon .. Yummy! Fast in service.. definitely value for money.

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28 Apr 2012

Generous serving and tasty japanese take away. My fave is the teriyaki chicken on rice with fresh chillies. The portion is so big that I usually can only eat half a serving and save the other half for the next meal. The ramens are pretty good too, especially the spicy pork ramen.

25 Jul 2011

Gyutandon, the most pricey dish on the menu, used to be 9 dollars 5 years ago
now the price has climbed up to $11.50 (why would they do this? T.T). The dish itself is very satisfying, i don't know how did they make ox tongue in a very simple way like that yet delish !!

but, if you want to look for an authentic Japanese Ramen, this place is not the right place to go, because their ramen is Chinese style (you can see that the employees are all Chinese). It's still good but not Japanese style :), but if you like Chinese noodle then you'll like it :)

the service is very fast, so if you want a quick fix for lunch, just pop into the store, order and u'll get in like 5 mins (Not as fast as DonDon though.)

Approximate cost: $11.50

10 Jul 2011

The Sapporo ramen here was just average. Nothing great but not that bad either. The noodles themselves were bit too soft or overcooked to my liking. There was a generous amount of toppings - the chashu however was not the fatty/melt in you mouth type. Broth was also very average. The place is quite small so either come early or prepared to wait for a seat.

08 Mar 2010

The ramen was quite nice but not very generous serving. Gyu don has the qok aroma but pretty tasteless so I had to use soy sauce to make it tastier. The place is very small and crampy. But quite good value for the price

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