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5 reviews about MicroEd Computers

01 Jun 2011

service was good and staff were friendly and knew everything they needed to know about my computer, was fair priced too.

28 Feb 2010

I had my computer repaired and I had to take it back as it was done incorrectly. I was very unhappy with the service from the staff. There are children who i believe belong to the owner who are there within the shop after school and they are often running around. I have walked in twice to see no one within the store or come to help and i have walked out.

13 Oct 2008

I took my Computer in for repair. It had become slow and I had lots of pop ups. They called me and let me know that they had found viruses. They explained what had to be done and possibly where I got them.

Approximate cost: $79

19 Jul 2008

i took my laptop in here. was a little disappointed when i got it back not repaired. they confused me with computer jargon i did not understand. i would have liked to know more about the problem & what could be done to fix it. one particular salesperson was better than the rest. took awhile, but it got resolved in the end.

Approximate cost: $170+

10 May 2008

Had my computer repaired. Disappointed that more things weren't explained to me at time. Not a computer whizz and would of appreciated more assistance. Depending on salesperson, most helpful with information and fixing the problem I had encountered with keyboard and mouse supplied. Problem solved.

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