6 reviews about Midnight Ink

25 Jun 2012

my experience at midnight ink the second time round was fantastic they are under new management and what a difference it was... Sam and mark were very professional and they took the time to help me design my tattoo.Sam did an amazing job i am extremely happy with the out come and will recomend everyone to them.

22 Jun 2012

i had an idea of a dragon japanese oriental sleeve and back job ,,didn't know where to go and how to start so i started at midnight ink where my families been going for years.. i spoke to this bloke mark,very talented guy, pointed me in the right direction,, i wanted black and grey,, he drew up my desighns then we got started on my first session and about 3 months later i have this amazing piece of art work on my back.. thanks to midnight ink.

22 Jun 2012

This is my fifth tattoo done and my favorite! Four of my other tattoos were done at other places but this one is by far the most professional and vivid of the lot!

My only problem is that I didn't get my other four tatts done with them... The staff were amazing and helped me out with a wicked design which put my original idea into the best it could ever look!

Thank you midnight ink, no need to go anywhere else, no need!

22 Jun 2012

I just got my tattoo done at midnight ink reservoir, i am absolutley wrapped with it, it came out better than i thought the guys their are amazing helped me with the design and were not arrogant, def going back for my next tattoo 10/10 thanks guys..

Approximate cost: $350

Midnight Ink 22 Jun 2012

Your most welcome thanking you.

05 Jun 2012

Amazing Amazing Amazing, These guys sure know how to ink!!!! I would happily recommend them, My experience was nothing but complete relaxation, they made me feel comfortable Love you Midnight Ink :)

04 May 2008

I just wanted to share with everyone my recent really bad tattoo experience! This was to be my 9th tattoo so i thought it would be the same enjoyable experience as always but boy was i wrong!

I went to my local tattooist who i recently got to do a small japanese symbol on my neck, he was great and i asked him how much he would charge me for a koi fish on my leg, he said for you $200 i said cool i will come back in a couple of weeks. So i went back in and said to him can i come in tomorrow at 5pm and get u to do tat? He said no worries i confirmed the price so we were set. The next day i turned up for my appointment and he had just started doing his mates tattoo so he said oh i'll get this kid to do it and i said no i have appointment with u and he said sorry but this kid will look after u. So i relunctantly said yes but confirmed with the kid he would only charge me $200 aswell to which he agreed. So after several attempts to place it right we got under way only to find out that he is not experienced at all at doing koi fish but he will give it a go. So 4 hours later he had done the outline so i gave him $200 to which now i regret. I have never experienced such a slow painstaking tattoo that still wasnt close to being finished. He said come in tomorrow at lunchtime so i said ok. I went back in next day at lunchtime only to see he had someone else in the seat getting ready to start their tattoo! So already im seeing this pattern of them not keeping appointments! So i wait 2hrs for him to write 3 letters on this guys arm! He finally gets to me and the guy who was meant to do me says oh your gonna have to give him more money cos i think i quoted u wrong cos its taking a while. I said but u and him agreed on the price its not my fault he is slow. He said another $100 so i felt i had no choice. He starts to do shading around the koi to which looks really ridiculous he finishes up 2hrs later so i said to him but tattoo isnt finished u havent even colored it in the fish was left bare and so were the waves which was not the design i asked for. He told me he was not confident to color in so i would have to get another one of the boys to do it! So i only had $50 on me so i gave that to him and said i will have to get the rest. I left pissed off so i came back to my shop and decided to ring the owner up and tell him what happened and he was like i didnt know he didnt finish dont worry bout paying him come back in 2 weeks and ill fix u up. So i was happy bout that. So 3 weeks later i go in and say to him can i come in at 11am Sat he said no make it 12pm Sat so i said cool see u then. I go in Sat and he says sorry you have to come back Monday lunchtime, to which i did and he had someone else in his chair so he said come back Tuesday lunchtime which i did and he had someone there again to which he said all i can say is try again tomorrow! Well iknow exactly the outcome so im so pissed off that i even gave these guys a chance cos now i have something on me that was meant to be for good vibes and they have killed it with their awful customer service and rudeness and not sticking by appointments! If i did that in my business i wouldnt have one! So thanks for listening to my horror story and please dont visit these people!

Approximate cost: $250

Sidey 04 Jan 2011 · 80% Trust

Of course u would say that when u work there! He did me a deal as i was a fellow trader but then shafted me! Good luck with bad backdoor artists!

robertg7 30 Jan 2011 · 50% Trust

I got my tattoo from these guys just a few weeks ago and have to say I was happy with what they did evon though I think he over charged me $150 for just 4 letters on my arm. After 3 weeks I found out that this blue blur around my tattoo isn't part of the healing process but something called a "blowout". My last time going to these guys and never again am I recommending them to my friends

Midnight Ink 22 Jun 2012

Hi im really sorry to hear about your experience, we are the new owners and we pride ourselves on helping and making sure every client gets the best experience in our studios. hopefully you will see the change if you ever decide on coming back mention this review for a 10% discount. Under New Management. :)

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