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27 reviews about Mirror Paints

30 Jul 2016

Fantastic expertise and knowledge, really helpful when you are not quite sure what you are looking for and need. Mirror Paints was extremely reliable with both their service and quality and I will definitely be going back again! Recommend highly to all, thanks guys for all your help!

Mirror Paints 01 Aug 2016

Great, happy to hear all went well.

29 Jul 2016

Just the best people for paints. These guys really helped us out with our production — providing us with exactly the product that we needed and at a great price.

Mirror Paints 30 Jul 2016

Great, it is good to see you project went well.
We sell paints for all sorts of home renovation projects, workplaces and speciality jobs.

27 Jul 2016

Simply awesome! Extremely helpful business, know exactly what they're talking about, and always happy to help you find exactly what you need for your next project.

Mirror Paints 28 Jul 2016

Thanks, we like to hear when our customers are successful with their painting. We find the Integrity Paints range of paints is used for many jobs great value for money. For customers who require the best available we stock the Haymes paints.

27 Jul 2016

Fantastic service! We used paint from Mirror Paints for our college production and they couldn't have been more helpful.

Mirror Paints 28 Jul 2016

Glad we could help with your painting.
We have a large range of paints in our West Melbourne store to suit most painting needs.

07 Jun 2016

Some plants in my garden were starting to look a bit sick so I went to Mirror Paints to try and fix them. The guy there was very patient and explain possible plant issues I might be having, I left with a bottle of Cyco Dr Repair and wow! After a week they were healthy and green again. Expert advice and a big selection of products.

Approximate cost: $40

24 Nov 2015

My friends and I were looking for paint supplies to paint our latest art installation project. We went to Mirror Paints and we can't wait to go back! Pete at Mirror Paints is wonderful! He gave us great, quality professional customer service by helping us choose the right products for all our needs. The project came out looking better than we sketched! Thanks, Pete and Mirror Paints!

Mirror Paints 25 Nov 2015

We love to hear out all the interesting painting products our customers are doing and we look forward to helping you out on your next project. Rust paint is a great product to make any surface look real rusted metal.

05 Oct 2015

I bought some pool paint after Mirror Paints was recommended to me.
I put the first coat on only to be told that the paint isnt correct.
I went back and saw Peter who was straight on the ball asking questions about the product.
I was then given another tin of paint to use and this was perfect.

I cant complain about the team at Mirror Paints.
Great service and knowledge.
I will be back again to see Peter and the team.

Mirror Paints 09 Oct 2015

It is good to hear that the job resulted well, we hate it as much as you when things go wrong. We are glad to have the opportunity to resolve the issue speedily and with a good outcome.
We look forward to helping you with your next painting project.

26 May 2015

I had all sorts of difficulties keeping my garden healthy so I went to see the guys at Mirror and they put me onto Canna nutrients. They got me on the good stuff and were knowledgeable about what they were selling. I used Canna Boost Accelerator during flowering, and I am quite happy with the results.
The garden section is inside the paint shop so I am comfortable shopping there and would recommend it to anyone.

Approximate cost: $110

22 Apr 2015

Mirror Paints is easily the best paint shop in Melbourne. The staff are very knowledgable and friendly, and have a real interest in helping out with your project (a stage musical in our case). The paints are excellent too!

Mirror Paints 24 Apr 2015

Glad we could help you with your project. Mirror Paints has a range of stage paints, paving paints and Haymes paints at our store here in West Melbourne that we believe could help anyone finish their projects. We aim for a combination of quality paints with excellent service.

03 Sep 2014

Peter very generously helped us out with paint and equipment for the set for our university musical production. He also gave some really helpful advice regarding colours and different types of paint.
Excellent service, and excellent paint. I can't recommend Mirror Paints highly enough.

Mirror Paints 03 Sep 2014

It is good to hear we could help with your production. We help a lots of theatre groups with the paint for their sets, stage paint black and white plus the feature colours.We also have special effects paints in acrylic gold and silver for fancy finishes.
Thanks for reviewing our store.

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