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193 reviews about Miss Eyelash

28 Sep 2010

I cannot rave more about Miss Eyelash! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Her product, professionalism and personal touch is second to none, and I'm not usually given to raving about a product. I will definitely be a long term client, bravo Miss Eyelash :)

EITAK 19 May 2012 · 100% Trust

Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us.

25 Mar 2017

Emma did an AMAZING job on my brows. The studio is lovely, and the service is very professional. Great experience all round!

24 Mar 2017

Visiting Miss Eyelash is always a seamless experience. Text confirmation and any relevant updates are always sent which is very convenient. Cris has hands of an angel - light and effortless. Cris always provides excellent application and is on time. I always request Cris.
I just wish I had got lovely lashes earlier!

Approximate cost: $120

30 Dec 2016

Poor Service, staff overwhelmed and overpriced.I've been getting my lashes done by Miss Eyelash for a year now, the first few times it was a very pleasant experience and the lashes looked fantastic. But within the last half year, the service and application quality has changed dramatically. Not sure what has caused this big shift, but the staff changed and is too young, unqualified and not trained to offer adequate customer service. Additionally, they seem totally overwhelmed.A few times in a row I booked in for a 100 lashes refill but only got 80 lashes as they ran out of time. I should mention that I always had to wait 15-20 min either in the store or in front as they were running late. The lashes fell out after few days and looked patchy and worst than without lash extension. Only the last time after I already complained twice they made an effort and the lashes looked and lasted better.When I arrived for my appointment they did not ask me for any preferences or give me a short consultation; they just started working on my eyebrows and lashes. The result was a matter of luck of the staff member who was working on me. I ended up with too dark tinted eyebrows, too thin plugged eyebrows and too long lashes. They did not write down the colours or lash length that they used, so each time I needed to remind them what I want/don’t want. While I was there they never asked me in between whether I was feeling okay, they just ignored me or screamed across the room to their colleagues or chatted to their colleagues who were suddenly standing in my treatment room. Sometimes they handed over to a colleague and the new person started working on me, without telling that that they have switched or asking if it was okay with me, I could just guess what is happening by following the conversations they are having with each other and a sudden feeling of another person's hands.Last time I made an appointment explicitly with the most experienced staff member as the service in the past with another staff member had been continuously poor. They ensured me that I would be looked after by someone else. On the day the person I booked in with was running late and could not do my lashes, and I ended up again with the person I wasn't happy with. Additionally they charged me $110 too much, and I had to explain a few times that what I got was not a new full set but a refill.Today I went there (made an appointment three weeks ago) and have been told that my appointment has been cancelled. I did not receive a message. I'm a working mother and had to organise a nanny for a new appointment later today.I'm very disappointed and have complained a few times already, but the staff is not qualified enough to deal with complaints appropriately, besides of blank stares and an uninterested mumbled apology. I loved my lashes in the past, and after each bad experience I gave them a new chance and was hoping they just had a bad day but now they screwed up 4-5 times in a row and unless I can get again an appointments with the owner herself and a compensation for all the hassle caused, I won’t go there anymore.

Approximate cost: $200

Miss Eyelash 24 Mar 2017

Thank you sincerely Anonymous for your feedback. Your comments are never lost on us, as they help us to continue to address & improve our quality & standards to provide the optimum service we aim to deliver. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your concerns.

18 Dec 2016

Thank you so much Miss Eyelash (especially Emma and Chris) for the friendly, caring and high quality service today - I am so happy with my volume lashes and the overall experience - I have tried a few places over the years and thankful for finding you. The fact you were also prepared to open on a Sunday and accommodate your Customers over a busy period was also appreciated.

Miss Eyelash 24 Mar 2017

Oh Linda, thank you sincerely for your positive words regarding your experience to date at Miss Eyelash. We truly treasure all feedback, as we are all really quite passionate about creating a beautiful relaxing experience for all our divine clients. Many thanks. x

15 Nov 2016

Finally I got eyelash extentions and I just wish I'd done it years ago when I first thought about it. I can't stop looking at them, and several people have commented how amazing they look. So happy! Thanks Miss Eyelash.

Approximate cost: $200

07 Oct 2016

Best natural looking lashes I've ever had! staff are lovely , professional, and all about creating the right look for you! Thanks miss eyelash!

07 Oct 2016

Got hair extensions from here, best I've ever had.. my sisters also got hair cuts which they usually complain, but this time they're happy with the outcome, so happy with service aswell.

Miss Eyelash 07 Oct 2016

Thank you for the review taylahm707 however you may be confusing us with someone else, as we do not offer hair extension :)

20 Sep 2016

I love the professionalism of the team here! I have been to a few places to get my eyelashes done, but none have been as good as Miss Eyelash. My eyelashes have lasted a while and I've had heaps of comments, hence why I keep returning here when I need them redone!

Approximate cost: $200

03 Jun 2016

After having eye lashes incorrectly put on by a cheaper operator Emma was fabulous in explaining the correct procedure to extensions and removed them without any pain ! Thank you Emma and I look forward to having them done by a professional !i have learnt my lesson thankfully with my own eye lashes still intact !

Approximate cost: $0

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