Mojo's Funky Pizza (Richmond)

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20 reviews about Mojo's Funky Pizza (Richmond)

27 Nov 2013

This place never ceases to amaze. A long standing and consistent favourite for my girlfriend and I has to be the nacho pizza. Fast service and consistent quality. Nobody does it like these guys!

20 Nov 2013

Very interesting experience if you want to experiment with your pizza flavours! Great atmosphere in the restaurant and service is welcoming and attentive. Would highly recommend any one of the dessert pizzas, so definitely save room after your main!!

12 Jul 2013

The best range and best tasting pizzas you could ever expect. They're very generous with toppings. I'd call these decadent pizzas so not for the diet conscious! Naughty but very nice.

Approximate cost: $25

08 Jun 2013

I have to say that the pizza is always good from Mojo's but is it really possible to have a bad pizza. I am usually pretty conservative with my Pizza choice but I have tried and Indian pizza that they do and it is fantastic. If you are looking for some thing a bit different but still some thing that every body eats (every body eats pizza lol) this is a good place. The prices might be a touch high if you are used to cheap pizza.

REDMARTINI 26 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

Have to give them points for such an interesting business name, lol....

15 Apr 2013

Awesome pizza guys! I am not a fan of any vegetarian food but my wife wanted to try the greek pizza, and i loved it! so much topping but most importantly so much flavour! I also tried the tandoori pizza which my friends told me about and that did not disappoint! great weird pizzas we loved it!

Approximate cost: $15

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cazzy 16 Apr 2013 · 90% Trust

Informative review good one

jettyb1 16 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Tops review mate, spot on

maroonm 04 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Good to hear about the generous toppings and flavour. Funky menu, will try soon!

28 Mar 2013

Ordered from them a couple of times, they have some very interesting pizzas, however I've found that some of them are just not that good, although they do also offer a 'classic menu' which I have found very nice. As has been mentioned earlier, the bases of the pizzas can be a little hit and miss. I pre-ordered pizzas, which was a mistake as they were delivered an hour and a half earlier than requested, next time I'd just order when required.

Approximate cost: $20

When did you place this order? We frequently deal with Pre orders and it would've very unusual to have one sent out before the time requested as we work other orders around these. If you'd like could you call me at the shop please? Thanks, Lyndal.

ib12 28 Mar 2013 · 90% Trust

Hi Lyndal, the order was about a month ago, however it was placed through a third party (eatnow) so it is possible that it was their mistake with the early delivery. In all it wasn't a huge problem and wouldn't stop me ordering again.

27 Dec 2012

I've had weird pizza delivered a few times, when I am visiting friends in Melbourne as I often do!

I stopped ordering it because the pizza is just too hit and miss. Some of their pizzas are nice, like the Tandoor and the Rockin Lamb, and the Satay Chicken, but the bases can be flabby and undercooked and the weirdness kind of gets to you.
I like a good gourmet or crazy weird degustation combination of foods, but weird pizza just seems like something your stoned brother might have made when he was at uni.

I think if you like the sound of that, or nothing else is open, you might like Mojo's, in fact I'm sure there's a whole bunch of people who this kind of menu appeals to, but choose with care!

itgirl41 09 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

Like your review, many thanks!

16 Sep 2012

The pizza menu looked very interesting and the pizza were tasty enough. The only problem was it took so long to arrive that is was almost cold. I think if it arrived fresh and hot the experience would have been much more enjoyable. I had the nachos pizza, which had corn chips, sour cream, avocado and lots of other yummy stuff!

Approximate cost: $14-25

babenreviewer 12 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

nachos pizza omg that sounds amazing!

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02 Jul 2012

I bought a group buy voucher for 2 medium pizzas, before I bought the voucher I actually went to their website and also read reviews by other customers. I thought it sounded pretty amazing and decided to give it a try. So one night I went all the way to bridge road to get those weird pizzas. When I got to the shop I was quite worried that I got to the wrong shop. The place look really dodgy and filthy. The first thing I saw when I walked in was this stained,smelly looking sofa chair. The floor and wall were pretty dirty too. I ordered the lamb pizza and the seafood one. I tried one slice each and gave the rest to my younger brother. I just couldn't get the image of the sofa out of my mind. The pizza itself was pretty decent though, the lamb one was tasty and had nice combination of tzatziki and red onions. The seafood pizza was lacking in sauce and tasted pretty bland.

El-Capitan 16 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

Interesting, makes me glad that I got delivery. The origination of this place seem to be a little questionable.

08 Apr 2012

They are not wrong calling it weird! Some of the flavours I have tried are good but some just don't work. The one with pear doesn't get cooked enough and i find it quite expensive.

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