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08 Dec 2014

Mona is the most awesome Celebrant in Melbourne. She was so genuine and Sweet from the first meeting, made me and my Partner feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole process. Her Bilingual skills were so important and special to us and our guests. She was truly amazing conducting such a personalized and heart felt ceremony for us and our guests. It was unforgettable and for years to come our guests will still be talking about how great our ceremony was. Once again I Highly recommend Mona for a truly personalized touch to your special day and that you will cherish for a lifetime. Love, Mimi & Phi

Thank you Mimi & Phi,
I had lots of fun meeting you two and helping with your ceremony, even with the part where I am trying to figure out where to tie the helium balloons! Wishing you two all the best.

02 Dec 2014

“We were so happy with all you did for our special day. You truly were the perfect person and your guidance and help was invaluable. We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful service you conducted on the day. We had nothing but positive reviews from our guests as well as our family. The ceremony especially testimonies was so beautiful, romantic, personal and heart-felt – it couldn't have been more perfect. Words cannot express how grateful we are for making our Wedding Day complete and perfect. Thanks Mona, you are ‘simply the best'……

Warmest Regards, Bobby & Jessica

Approximate cost: $900

Thank you Bobby & Jessica,
The ceremony was romantic because Bobby you are Mr Romantic. Keep up the good work and Jessica will be one happy wife!

18 Nov 2014

Mona conducted a beautiful civil ceremony for us. She was kind, friendly and professional from the very beginning and was always there to listen and calm our nerves. Our guests consistently complimented Mona and said the highlight of our day was our ceremony. Mona transformed and delivered our readings beautifully with warmth and love and captivated our guests to tears. She is truly a unique celebrant. Thank you Mona for all your hard work and talent in giving us special moments and memories we can cherish for the rest of our lives.

Thank you Annie,
You didn't need me to calm your nerves, you had your gorgeous twin nieces flower girls!
I am delighted you liked your ceremony, you deserve nothing but the best.

15 Oct 2014

Hi Mona,

Carine and I sincerely wish to express our gratitude that have you as our celebrant on our memorable wedding day. We were so appreciate with all your arrangement and advice you gave us on our special day. Thank you for your patient and your professional guidance that lead us to the new journey of life. It meant a lot to us on this special day and not to forget the advice you gave me on job hunting.

We will never forget this special day and what you have done for us. A great big hug for you from us and we wish you all the best and do keep in touch.

Alex & Carine

Thank you Alex & Carine,
I am honored we crossed paths and you wanted to share your special moment with me. I look forward to good news from you two, esp if what I said comes true!

10 Jun 2014

If you want a Marriage Ceremony with personal meaning to celebrate the most amazing day of your life, please go no further. Mona gives not just yourselves a personal service, but to your guests as well. We were delighted to have Mona, unite our two families with our 6 children together into our ceremony with passion and heart. Even our guests gasped with the warmth and love that everyone shared on our amazing day of becoming one. Mona is a beautiful person, that delivers a service with passion you and your guests will come away feeling honoured on how she delivers a wedding ceremony that you and your guests will never forget.

Thank you Leanne,
I will always be thankful I got to meet your gorgeous family and friends (both inside and out). Whenever I see a large family take up a table at a restaurant I always think of you!

14 May 2014

We would recommend Mona without hesitation to any couples looking for a marriage celebrant. The planning process was easy consisting of a few simple questions. The information gathered was transformed on the wedding day as Mona captivated the audience by composing a unique ceremony with our personal stories. The fact that Mona was the topic of conversation amongst guests is a testament to her success. Thank you for making our ceremony a truly memorable occasion.

Thank you Alan,

I am glad despite the initial reluctance the bride liked what I did. You two are as cute as pie together.

Ada Chan
16 Apr 2014

Hi Mona
Quang and I are truely honoured to have you as our Celebrant on our wedding day.
Thank you so so much for all your support and guidance along the way. Xox
You are truely a Unique Celebrant which made me and our guest at the ceremony with full of emotions, tears and laughter which is so memorizing. I had many feedback My guests ,family and relatives loved you so much at the ceremony and im already getting couples enquirying you for thier wedding.
I HIGHLY recommend Mona to ALL newly engaged couples out there who is looking for thier Celebrant. Mona Your The Best!!!. ♥

Thank you Ada,
You are a very sweet and kind hearted young lady and I am glad I managed to bring happiness and sunshine (literally) to your wedding day. I hope those words from your usually quiet husband will always bring a smile to your face whenever you read them again :)

16 Mar 2014

Hi Mona,

Thank you so much for being there at our ceremony, despite the nausea you've been going through! All of our guests, and especially our parents, were absolutely blown away by how personal, emotional, and entertaining you made it. No one (except Yeeling, Ben & Khando!) had ever been to a ceremony like it before. Your readings really helped to set the tone for the rest of the amazing celebration full of laughter and tears we will remember fondly for the rest of our lives. Thanks again. You are awesome!

Love, Amy & Matty

Thank you Amy & Matty,
Your wedding video is still one of my all time favorite and I watch it often.
I am so glad I was able to reflect a bit of the cheekiness, laughter & love that you two no doubt bring to each other and all your family and friends every day.

30 Dec 2013

Mona is a fantastic celebrant who specialises in creating a personalised ceremony based on letters written by the bride and groom and their friends. The ceremony includes no generic readings, just the heartfelt words written by the couple and the friends who know them best.

As well as being very professional and organised, Mona is a wonderful speaker. She is fluent and eloquent in both English and Cantonese and I thought she expressed the feelings in our letters beautifully. She was also very knowledgeable about Chinese customs and helped us to create a lovely tea ceremony (complete with good-humoured Chinese wishes for many babies).

I highly recommend Mona if you are after a personalised ceremony, especially if you want to incorporate any Chinese translation or traditions.

Thank you Liz,
Whenever I am asked about high school sweet hearts and felt craft I will always think of you two and your incredible felt cake-topper, button-hole & bouquet. Looking forward to good news babies ;)

21 Nov 2013

Mona was the perfect celebrant for us. From the very beginning, she made us feel at ease and was very supportive of all the cultural and personality add on's we wanted for our personalised ceremony. Mona was professional, friendly, organised and easy going.

Lots of people commented on the fact that it was one of the best that they had seen - so so personal.

We loved Mona's touch on the readings - i.e. letters to parents and partner and letters from friends.

We also especially love how we now have hard copies of these letters with our Marriage Certificate to remind us of all the emotions packed into 1 little hour.

Thank you Mona!

Big big Love,

Yasmin and Sebastian

Thank you Yasmin & Sebastian,
I loved the challenge of incorporating the religions & cultural aspects, surprise hubby guitar performance and all 3 readings into that one short hour. I can still picture the adoring look on Yasmin's face which I am sure you still have on every day when you look at your family. All the best to you and your family.

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