5 reviews about Monza Carspa, Cafe & Detailing

16 Feb 2017

Great job Thanxs I really enjoy sitting back haveing my fish and chips there and always drive away happy thanxs monza

17 Aug 2012

I've used these guys for a couple of years. 35 for an inside and out clean of a car with two kids. Honestly our car is absolutely filthy when I drive in there (maybe once every couple of months) dead banana smushed into seats, weeks old mc Ds fries lingering under the carseats, cornflake crumbs in every crevice. Knowing how much effort it takes me to clean up this mess I am amazed at how cheaply they offer their cleaning service. I've tried a couple of other places (usually the ones at malls where they do it while you shop), and nothing compares value wise to these guys.

Approximate cost: $35

MazB35 17 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

sounds good, thanks for sharing :)

27 May 2010

Why pay $10 at the do it yourself car wash and get all wet when u can pay $15 here, get your car washed and chammied dry and your wheels cleaned and tyres blacked, all while you sit in the indoor or outdoor section of the Cafe` and wait while reading a magazine from the huge pile!!!
Great super friendly service.
They even offer Gift Vouchers.
And, they wash trucks too!!!
And Soft top convertibles!!!!!
For $25 you can get the inside of the car cleaned as well..
I won't go to any other Car Wash since i found these guys!!
My Convertible is always so spotless and shiny when I leave. My daughter is also a regular here. We like our cars cleaned perfectly and these guys really do the BEST job.AAAAA+++++

Approximate cost: $15

02 Mar 2008

The worst car wash I have ever paid for. After I got it home I had to wash it again myself. What is the point in spending $25 on a car wash if I have to do it myself anyway. The people were friendly, but the cash wah was unsatisfactory.

Approximate cost: $25

deanna 13 Feb 2010 · 60% Trust

:| i get my car washed there all the time, and its always been good.

01 Feb 2008

I felt like I needed to wash the car again to get it clean. The car was still covered in small spots that came off simply with a light rub with finger nail when wet, so would have come off easily with a little elbow grease by the washers. The dash had dust still in all the joins where a simple wipe with a damp cloth and some care would have fixed it. They did seem to pay some attention to the wheels though.

Approximate cost: $25

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