6 reviews about Mother's World

22 Aug 2013

Was on a holiday and my pram broke and needed to get one ASAP and the staff was very helpful to explain all the questions I had. Spoke very well and still two years down the track using the same pram

20 May 2012

I have been looking for a new carseat, I found that when I walked into the store I was left to do my own thing and as I was about to walk out thats when I was offered service, while the staff member stood behind the counter the whole time.

03 Aug 2010

They gave me great advice on choosing a pram and baby car seat. Customer service was good. Price is about the same as other baby stores but I have only been to a few.

01 Apr 2010

Mothers World have a good range of products but they are frequently overpriced and the customer service is sub-standard. Some days you are leaped on when you walk through the door, some days you are completely ignored. Either is not acceptable. The one time I came in to buy a pram the assistant was very reluctant to show me how to fold the prams I was interested in, although it was apparent I had no free arms left holding a baby. She actually huffed and puffed when I asked for her assistance - literally. When friends ask if its worth going there I always tell them not to expect much service - and make sure your wallet is full, your going to need every cent you can get. I'd love this store if they improved their customer service though - and I'd be willing to pay more for a product if their service improved.

07 Dec 2008

I was looking for a baby gift. They mostly had furniture but the choice they did have was lovely. The sales woman was very helpful. I paid more than I had expected but the gift was so beautiful.

01 Feb 2008

Mother's world stocks a reasonable variety of baby goods and some good brands however the customer service has let them down on a couple of occasions. Some days no one will help you but on other days they are friendly. On the occasions where they have been helpful they made it an easy shopping experience. They tend to be a little too expensive compared to other baby stores.

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