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22 May 2020

I really recommend Emmanuel as an instructor, he is really patient and a good teacher.I was really scared to drive as I never drive before. Because of him, I made unbelievable progress in a short amount of time.

Hi Agnes great review
Than you

23 May 2020

Emanuel is an excellent teacher, very patient, gave me a lot of confidence on the road and we had good chats while driving! I was able to take the test with the same car and he was next to me as in the lessons so it lifted the pressure off it a lot, would totally recommend!

Hi Nico
Great review thank you

03 Oct 2019

A huge thank you to Jose of Motor Oz Driving School! He was incredibly kind, knowledgeable, and supportive. He made the lessons stress-free, relevant, and patiently went over parts of the lessons that I needed more guidance and practice on. This driving school is accessible, experienced, has very reasonable rates, and more than that- they genuinely have your best interests at heart. I passed the exams and I can't recommend them highly enough!

23 Jan 2019

It has been really fun learning with Emanuel. He has made our lessons light hearted and relaxed.
He is always exactly on time, flexible with scheduling classes and I felt like he was very invested in my development as a driver: for example asking lots of questions about my out-of-class practice. Emanuel helped me track the growth of my skills with a little round up and reflection at the end of each class. He was honest but encouraging and realistic about when I was ready for the test. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him, if you're lucky he might reach you Spanish simultaneously!

04 Oct 2018

I was learning driving for almost more than a year with a failure count of 2. My reflex was very poor and not able to hold my nerves. Then, I found Jose (or Joe) a friendly companion to have as a guide and instructor. He coached me to learn my mistakes and educated on the current trends on driving and road incidents. He educated me on how a society would benefit by safe drivers. I learned a lot more life skills along with driving. He is a cool, well experienced, respectful and considerate for people. After passing the test with him, I miss his companionship. I recommend anyone to take lessons from him. True value for your money, family & life.

You are exaggerating

01 Jan 2018

Emmanuel is an excellent and calm teacher with a great attention to detail. Before I started my lessons I was incredibly nervous about driving and had been too scared to drive on busy roads. He helped to build my confidence as well as my driving skills, and I am now able to drive in a range of conditions. I have seen dramatic improvement in my driving over the past few weeks.

09 Dec 2017

I had never driven before I booked my first lesson with Emanuel and was very nervous about learning to drive - both in the city and in a manual car. Emanuel is not only a fantastic instructor who always takes the time to explain things in detail until I understand, but I think just as importantly makes me feel comfortable and safe driving. He's very friendly, funny and calm - always calmly explains my mistakes, not like horror stories of angry instructors I've heard from friends. I have my test booked for next week and am confident about my driving now thanks to Emanuel. Couldn't recommend him more!

08 Nov 2017

I took a few lessons with Emmanuel for refresher and also to familiarise with Melbourne traffic rules and road condition. Emmanuel is very alert on the road and he explains everything patiently.
I would recommend Emmanuel for Manual cars.

03 Jul 2017

Very thorough teaching. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Friendly and nice staff. Accommodating with times.

Approximate cost: $405

23 May 2017

I feel so much more confident after my time with Emanuel. I was originally very nervous about learning to drive manual around the CBD, but that has completely changed! Emanuel is clear, calm, and very easy to learn with. We go over everything, particularly parking which I used to be very hesitant about. Best teacher I could ask for!

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