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28 May 2017

Dodgy company dodgy owner.

Damaged my stuff, no compensation, stopped answering my calls.

A guy called alex a liar... offered a compensation then stopped taking my calls.
Beaware!!! Do not book them!

Approximate cost: $670

24 May 2017

I would never recommend this company. They didn't show up on time, are the most expensive but use shoddy old equipment, quoted 2.5 hours but ended up spending 6 hours for a 2bedroom apartment moving a block down the road. And the job wasn't finished after the 6 hours, they had left fully 1/3rd our belongings including the bed. They literally ordered dominos pizza and spent half an hour eating and then charged us for it.

Approximate cost: $1000

22 May 2017

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! We had a horrible experience with my moovers. We moved a 3 bedroom house from Epping to Glenroy. The movers we meant to arrive at 2pm, got a call from the company saying the movers will be an hour late, which was fine. After 2 hours we began trying to contact my moovers multiple times and couldn't get through, when they finally answered they stated the drivers were close and gave us the movers contact number. We tried calling the actual movers and the company multiple times again after another hour went by, by this time it was 5pm. We finally got through and just kept saying the movers were close. We had no idea if they would show so we began calling other moving places to get quotes to see if they could come the next day. FINALLY the movers showed at our house at 5.45 pm (nearly 4 HOURS LATE).
The movers then informed us that we had too much furniture for the size of the truck and would need to make two trips to glenroy even though I had specifically asked for a quote for a three bedroom house!! They finally starting loading the furniture after 6pm. It was an incredibly slow process! We ended up moving most of the boxes and furniture ourselves out under the carport in hopes it would quicken the process. Then the movers said the truck was full so all of our boxes had to remain under the carport overnight as it was far too late by then to do a second trip. When they finally finished moving everything into our new property it was past 11.30pm!
We ended up needing to hire a budget van the next day to move the rest of our boxes. Overall incredibly DISAPPOINTING, EXPENSIVE and FRUSTRATING experience!

My Moovers 22 May 2017


I am extremely sorry about your experience. This is definitely not the service that My Moovers intend to provide.

We would definitely investigate on this matter further and would need some details from your side.

If you could kindly provide us with your full name and the date of your move then we can definitely try to resolve teh issue.

Kind Regards
My Moovers

b1d03e0e 22 May 2017 · 60% Trust

Where should I email my name and date to?

My Moovers 22 May 2017

You can email us to admin@mymoovers.com.au

17 May 2017

Moved a 3 bedroom house over two suburbs. Move went fine however the movers took apart our beds and forgot to return our nails. Customer service made several promises to have them returned and blocked our numbers when we hadn't received them yet. They clearly don't live up to their "furniture insurance" in which they charge for. Never been so frustrated with customer service in my life.

Approximate cost: $434

14 Apr 2017

Delivered on all that was promised. Delivery guys were flexible to all our needs. . Very satisfied.

would certainly recommend

Approximate cost: $454

14 Apr 2017

it was a big move and guys eewere very skilled and organized. They were very easy to work with and handled everything with care
i was most impressed with their professionalism
and would highly recommend them to my friends
thankyou so much

Approximate cost: $990

14 Apr 2017

very happy with the job done by the guys.

was moving a 3 bedroom house from noble park to dandenong.

reasonable price with good service.

no compalints.

would surely recommend to relatives.

Approximate cost: $564

12 Apr 2017

Great move done by the company.

No complaints at all.

Easy booking process, great quoting criteria!!

Guys were on time, were funny, gentle with the stuff, no damage caused.

Would use them again shorty for a bigger move.

Would highly recommend to others!


Approximate cost: $770

12 Apr 2017

The packers arrived 2 hours late and had no boxes or porta-robes. They were in a beat-up old truck and were totally inexperienced. They had no idea what they were doing and had to be shown what to do every step of the way. They also broke several items. The removal team arrived the next day and they were also late. They again had no boxes or porta-robes and no piano trolley, despite being assured that these would all be taken care of. Only one of the 3 guys had any idea what to do and they were hopelessly slow. If it wasn't for my father-in-law's help we would have still been moving at midnight. Two days later another team arrived to move the piano. They were 3 hours late and in an old truck with no drop-down tray and without a proper piano trolley. Again if it wasn't for my father-in-law, the piano wouldn't have been moved that day. And to top things off, we waited almost 7 weeks for a Tax Invoice and for the payment to be finalised.

Approximate cost: $2100

29 Mar 2017

I would certainly stay away from them. First they asked me if they can come at 8am. I said yes, only one guy turn up. Waited for 1 hours, no show, I started moving with the one guy. I complaint, he made some calls, another guy turned up after 1 hour. This new guy had no experience in moving what so ever. He just stands there watching his colleague arranging furniture in the truck! Instead of continue moving other stuff. They were slow. Really slow. After I paid them, they stsill have not refunded my deposit after 2 weeks. Called them, emailed them, deposit still not refunded.


My Moovers 05 Apr 2017

Hi Wayne,

We are extremely sorry about the experience you had with My Moovers. This is not he service we intend to provide.
We are taking the matter into consideration and checking with the removalists too.
As for the refunding the deposit, it has already been done and we have send you the picture of the receipt via email as well as text.

Kind Regards
My Moovers

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