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11 Jan 2017

Love their work, very friendly and worked very hard on a hot day. Will DEFINETELY use them again and recommend to my friends and family. Thanks heaps.

Approximate cost: $650

09 Jan 2017

Had to move my 4 bedroom home on a hot day. The office was friendly and the two guys that came were super nice. I will definitely use them again.

Approximate cost: $800

05 Jan 2017

I would never recommend this company. After having my move booked in with them for a month they contacted me the day before to say that they wouldn't be able to make our 8.30 time slot due to truck issues. They stated they would be at my house by 2.00pm instead and my move would be complete. At 2.00 my husband rang the company to find out how far away they were and was told the removalists would not arrive until 4.30. At 4.00 pm the company rang me and said the truck was on it's way. By 5.00 we were still waiting and after yet another call to the company, was told that the truck would now be getting to our house by 8.00pm.
By this stage my husband and I were furious and booked another company to do our move the following day.
With three young children, moving at night was not acceptable and after so many false promises, MyMoovers guarantees are not worth the paper they're written on.

2841c851 22 Jan 2017 · 10% Trust

sounds very familiar. I experienced the same delays with broken promises for three out of three moves with my Moovers.

31 Dec 2016

Amritpal and Piyush where great to work with. Exeptional customer service and great care with our goods. Would highly recommend these two gentlemen!

Approximate cost: $592

19 Dec 2016

Cannot express my disgust at the unprofessional and unacceptable way to treat customers. Did not keep appointments 3 times and contact person did not even take my call on the third time the appointment was missed. I wasted two days waiting (at a financial cost to me as took time off work) and it was highly stressful. The most appalling and anxious experience I have ever had and now have no furniture over christmas. I have complained about them and their treatment of customers. Still no call back yet -at least apologise. Disgusting!
-update: finally got a text message (not a call) 3.5 hours after appt advising they will find out what happened and contact me in a couple of hours? Too upset to even express my disappointment and confusion at how a business like this can exist in 2016! Do not use. Go elsewhere.

My Moovers 19 Dec 2016

I am very sorry about what you have experienced for your move, this is certainly not the goal of the company or its team of customer service representatives. Could you please email your details to admin@mymoovers.com.au so I can investigate this and find out if we can resolve this for you.

02 Dec 2016

Not recommended.
Great guys who came to house, most pleasant but, not the 8 ton truck as quoted, a 6 ton truck arrived 2 hours late which resulted in 2 trips for our furniture and contents. We also requested 4 x Port-a-Robes 3 times on-line and on the phone only the day before the move yet they were not supplied, hence a further trip the next day in our own vehicles to collect our clothes.
We are fortunate to have only moved to an adjacent suburb, however the inconvenience and excessive cost we have incurred due to this most unsatisfactory service through "My Moovers" will prevent us from ever dealing with them again or recommending them to anyone.
We communicated with [Redacted name] at the office after the removal process was complete to express our dissatisfaction to which was offered only the no charge of the credit card surcharge of which was $30.00.
Very unsatisfactory service!

Further to our review above, submitted after unsatisfactory dealings with My Moovers on the 24th November this year, we were contacted by the Company and were offered an agreed upon partial reimbursement provided we remove our negative review.
In anticipation of receiving the reimbursement we did remove review, however after no funds were transferred after a reasonable time period and numerous attempts to contact via phone and email, with assurances of follow up contact each time, and with none being received, it appears they may have reneged on the initial promise. No contact at all from them - nothing.
Hence the original review and this additional review summing up our very disappointing past 33 days of extremely unprofessional conduct from My Moovers has now been submitted.
Again, sadly, a terrible and exhausting Christmas, time consuming experience and never again!

Approximate cost: $735.

My Moovers 07 Dec 2016

I am very sorry about what you have experienced for your move, this is certainly not the goal of the company or its team of customer service representatives. Could you please email your details to admin@mymoovers.com.au so I can investigate this and find out if we can resolve this for you or please give me call on 0385898808.

sue-lanning998 13 Feb 2017 · 80% Trust

Upon reading the numerous reviews from customers regarding My Moovers after our move in November 2016 and others prior, this company appears to have no morals or practices in place to look after the individuals with issues that have caused them unnecessary out of pocket expenses; due to incorrect truck tonnage arriving for the amount of houshold items to be moved resulting in 2 trips, (at our cost), time issues which frustrate individuals that are already stressed with the moving process, promises of porta robes which never arrive, excuses relating to problems with the trucks and to then, once posting a negative review, to be contacted with a "please don't post your review", and to be offered a partial reimbusment which never arrives, HONESTLY, if this is not enough reason to black-list this company who avoid contact when phoned and even claim people have been let go because of the offer of reimbursement, (of whom I have viewed similar communication from a previous reviewer in Dec. 2016, of who's name was the same as the person I spoke to, apparantly let go), what can we do? How do we fight this terrible abuse of our good money when we are simply trying to move house with as little frustation, inconvenience and angst as possible during the major upheaval which we are already experiencing.
Once upon a time removalists were fair and honest and reasonable, but this is not the case in this day and age AND I AM FURIOUS BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!

We had initially decided to chalk it up to one of those bad experiences that happen from time to time, yet upon viewing so many negative reviews from so many families and individuals that have had similar experiences to us, it was time to speak up and say this company should be taken to task for their total lack of professionalism and blatant disregard for their customers.


02 Dec 2016

We were very impressed with the professionalism and assistance of MyMoovers. The gentlemen were very pleasant, no task was too difficult and all of our possessions were handled with great care making the move to our new home much easier.

Would highly recommend and would certainly use again.


Approximate cost: $335

01 Dec 2016

Prompt and courteous service. Pick up and delivery was as quoted and on time. We will certainly use this company again.

Thank you MyMoovers.

Approximate cost: $237

01 Dec 2016

very happy, great job done by the removalists.
hard working, politely talking people.

Made my 2 bedroom move very easy.

would certainly recommend to friends and family.

Thank you Mymoovers.


Approximate cost: $330

29 Nov 2016

Just wanted to say thanks to MyMoovers team for a smooth, trouble free move! We've had some terrible experiences with removalists before so I felt like I should give praise and credit where it's deserved.

The two men arrived exactly on time, which was great for us. They were polite and ready to get the job done. They had a quick look around, asked some questions and then got to work straight away. They were quick but also careful with our belongings. All up it took 3.5 hours to move our 2-3 bedroom apartment to a storage warehouse. Very well priced too, we got a discount because we booked in Tuesday afternoon.

Will definitely book with MyMoovers again when we find our new place and need to move back in. Thank you very much again.:)

Approximate cost: $350

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