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77 reviews about My Sydney Hypnotherapy

11 Jan 2018

GEORGE is not for everyone but if you have an issue you want to resolve and are prepared not to judge while being very honest with yourself, GEORGE can help you. I believe George is very gifted in the area of Hypnotherapy and can help you make tremendous improvements just like he did for me.

Being a curious person George also has excellent insights and ideas for improving many different areas of your life. For me he gave me an excellent meditation strategy that has had a significant positive impact on many different areas of my life.

He is not cheap but does offer excellent value if solving your issues is how you value happiness.

All the best.

Thanks, Geoff, it was great working with you, so good to hear you got a great deal of value from our sessions together. - George

10 Jan 2018

I first came to see George about a reoccurring pattern I had noticed play out at work and as it turned out through my everyday life. There was an undercurrent or inner dialogue stating that I wasn’t good enough. I never truly felt like I was successful in my work or anything I persued.

I participated in years of cognitive therapy and understood where these core beliefs came from however I found my sessions with George stopped these negative thoughts. Through discussions and hypnotherapy I feel no anxiety or depression and more at peace with myself. He has shown me how to align my thoughts with positivity and purpose. The 12 week course has been a great investment. I am now able to live the life I want and making steps to challenge myself everyday ! I walk away from the course with fresh eyes and a much better outlook.

I would recommend George’s services for anyone that wants to be a better version of themselves or may just need to tone down that inner voice. For me this has been a great sales training programme. I can now go on to be a success in the work place and find work that I feel passionate about.

Approximate cost: $4277

Thanks, Suzue, it was a pleasure working with you. Great to read above you've now overcome anxiety and depression. - George

24 Oct 2017

I've had the problem of being a picky eater for as long as I can remember, I'd gag or scrunch up my face as soon as I encountered different foods. This made eating out with other people daunting at times, searching the menu for something familiar and having to explain my eating habits every time.

With a change in career, I thought it was time to improve myself for the next chapter, the last 27 years of attempts to try new foods myself wasn't working. After sharing this with someone, they recommended My Sydney Hypnotherapy. I booked an appointment, no sure as to whether it would work for me or not, but open to giving it a go.

After the first session I was keen to actually put it to the test, I tried a few of the foods I'd been avoiding for years, apple, tomato and a friend's mushroom risotto. I was approaching things with a sense of openness, rather than it being game over before the food had even reached my mouth. I know that with time I'll be eating even more different foods and eventually be able to have a meal out without anyone asking about my eating habits

Thanks, Michael, great to read you are now eating new foods - George

18 Oct 2017

George certainly helped me to achieve what I wanted - plus more. I would recommend visiting George whether or not you are looking to resolve specific issues - he has also helped me grow, appreciate and enjoy life more. Highly recommended!

Thank you for your review, Andrew, it was a pleasure working with you. - George

19 Sep 2017

I went to hypnotherapy for curiosity and also I realized that recently I became stutter more times. I feel very upset about unable to pronounce specific words during certain occasions and have never thought of any strategic treatment would cure it. However, in the first session, George noticed that I always tend to hold my breath when I stutter and also told me the muscle have memories if you don't correct the wrongs, the wrongs will repeat. He also taught me to breathe in a pattern to call out the alpha brainwave so that our unconscious mind could power on.

It's quite effective for me, my stuttering hasn't gone worse after the first session and I noticed the change of expressing certain words more smoothly.

Thanks, Danielle, great to hear your speech is better. Thaks for your review. - George

20 Aug 2017

I saw George to help eliminate erectile dysfunction and regain confidence, I successfully approached a girl and was successful in the bedroom,. I really do highly recommend George.

16 Aug 2017

After many years of seeing many specialists and no progress with overcoming personal struggles such as addiction, anxiety and low self confidence. I went to see George and basically overcame each personally issue with just one hypnotherapy session for each. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways & I am extremely grateful. I highly recommend 'My Sydney Hypnotherapy' for a guarantee success.

Thanks for that review Peter, great to read above you got a great deal of value from working together. - George

26 Jul 2017

I went to see George to quit smoking as I have tried many things over the years to no avail. All I can say is that 2 month's has passed since my session with George and I have not touched a cigarette since, I cannot actually believe it. George was very professional and after the session he gave me audio tapes to listen to. I cannot recommend George enough, if you want to quit smoking then look no further!

Thank you for your feedback, great to read that smoking is now a thing of the past for you. - George

10 Jul 2017

After seeing multiple doctors and taking medication for my depression, I was still seeking a better solution to help me with my struggles that had controlled my life for over 10 years. Going to Sydney Hypnotherapy was my last resort and I can truly say that with George's help, my life and mental health has improved significantly. I am not taking anti-depressants anymore and my relationships with family members are better.

Thank Mirjana, great to read above that you have improved significantly. - George

08 Jul 2017

I went to see George because I was feeling really anxious about a new job I was about to start. I had been in my previous job for over 10 years and just landed my dream job. I’ve always been someone who needs a lot of external validation so I was really worried about whether I would be accepted by my new co-workers and whether I could live up to my boss’s (and my own) expectations. I had one session with George and I couldn’t believe what an impact it had – I walked in on my first day as a completely new person. I couldn’t believe how confident I was and how easy it was to engage with everyone and leave a positive impression. I could barely recognise myself! I continued seeing George after that and he has continued to help me build my confidence and develop a much healthier perspective on things. I’m eternally grateful to George for the person I’ve become – I went from being a perpetually anxious person who is always worried about what other people think to someone who is self-accepting and confident that I can deal with anything that comes my way.

Thanks for that review Lara, great to read about your transformation, it was a pleasure working with you. - George

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