38 reviews about Myer

09 May 2018

I always thought Myers was a very expensive store and i would not find anything in there with my budget,i was totally wrong,they have some great specials on clothing and shoes.i was quite surprised at some bargains in store.

26 Apr 2018

What a great store,i did not realize it contained a lot of bargains at cheap prices,i was quite stoked.staff were helpful and friendly.

02 Jun 2015

I often come to Myer in the city to buy jeans. They always have the greatest brands. On weekends the store can get way too crowded though so it is best to go on a weekday.

24 Jul 2013

I love Myer but the crowds in the city can be a little crazy, especially on major holidays. Otherwise there are beautiful products (my favourite is scented reeds and perfumes), efficient service and a clean building.

C123 24 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

completely agree! so crowded during boxing day especially.

lucy91 24 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

If you're looking for a sale, wait for myer's super Saturday sale.

27 Jun 2013

There is always so much to see in this store and I love the way that whenever i seem to go there and get a special quite often I go to pay at the counter and they seem to take even more off the price than i thought.

10 Apr 2013

This is one of the biggest Myer's in Sydney so the range of stock is quite large. Each floor specialises in certain departments making it rather easy to navigate through. They stock a lovely range of make up and beauty in the ground floor. The only concern for me is the customer service. As it can get extremely busy on weekens or Thursday nights, staff can get a little flustered. Other than that, Myer has fantastic sales maybe once a month called Super Saturday, watch out for those.

19 Dec 2012

Very freindly staff & enough staff on to assist (not like david jones sydney) Products all in stock, store clean & set up very nice for christmas perfect shopping experience

Approximate cost: $120

joey22 10 Apr 2013 · 100% Trust

Nice to hear

13 Dec 2012

Best all-round department store in Sydney. It has the most stock, the most brands and the most variety in each department. They tend to have more staff on if you need help. I always find what I am looking for in this particular Myer.

lucy91 13 Dec 2012 · 100% Trust

Definitely has a great range, but I recon customer service could be improved.

KAM 02 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Love this Myer! It's a definite hazard that I work so close to it!

11 Oct 2012

Love going to this myer store, service is great, great specials/sales.
Huge store, loads of variety.
It's so colourful
It's conveniently located to everything
Always buy here

Approximate cost: $100.00

19 May 2012

I usually always shop at David Jones but do pop into myer sometimes which I usually wish I didnt bother , I find it to always be an effort to find anything they dont take pride in there store like David Jones . It does have some different brands I have not seen before but overall much better to walk to David Jones on Elizabeth street where I can go in and out and find what I need .

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