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30 Jan 2008

They have a factory outlet shop that sells mostly disposable nappies, incontinence pads, menstrual pads. Also some other things like baby wipes, lotions etc. Their nappies come in several levels of quality. You can get branded prepackaged bulk nappies (highest quality), and you can also get what appears to be a generic or their own brand of nappy in bulk, which you can get in what they call a "premium seconds" or "standard seconds". The latter being cheapest. The prices depend on the size of nappy, but we were paying about $18 for 100 large nappies with the standard seconds. At the time the newborns were $10 for 100. It is a bit hit or miss though, sometimes all the nappies would be fine, and sometimes you'd end up with several missing a sticky tab on one side (occasionally we got one with no sticky tabs at all). On a younger bub we just kept stickytape on the change table, but thats not so effective on an older child. Still, even if you have to throw some away, we found them to be the cheapest nappies around. We only stopped using them because we switched to modern cloth nappies.

They don't always have the seconds nappies though, so it might be best to call before you go, and make sure you buy the next batch before you run out.

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