8 reviews about Nagisa Japanese Restaurant

16 Jun 2014

I dined here recently for the first time with a large group for a family occasion. I ordered a vegetarian dish which consisted of tempura battered and fried thinly sliced vegetables like sweet potato and snow peas. It came with a dipping sauce and I also ordered a side dish of miso soup. The dish tasted very light and healthy but it was absolutely delicious and I very much enjoyed my meal. I finished off with a glass of sake wine which had a mild but pleasant taste. They had an extensive wine and drinks menu and a good variety of meals to choose from to. Everyone ordered something different but we all loved our meals. The service was impressive and overall I would rate this place highly. Only downside was my meal was quite small, although others different meals were more generous in size. The price tag for most of our meals was fairly high too, more than I have paid at other Japanese restaurants, but it is great quality.

28 Dec 2012

Great and delicious and fresh food with wonderful ingredients. I have been there many times and never had any bad experience. My kids like here too because they always can get some extra for fun.

14 Jul 2012

The food was satisfactory but I thought for the price we were paying, it could be better. The location was excellent (so that was probably what we were paying for).

Approximate cost: $20+

14 Dec 2010

Awesome location but didn't really like it that much. We didn't get desert till 11pm which was a bit disappointing as it took so long.

11 Jun 2010

Beautiful atmosphere on the harbour. lovely japanese food and sake to match. service is excellent.

06 Sep 2009

We have been there a few time now and the food was always prompt and the service very friendly. The food was great, cattering to everyone whether you like the raw fish or not there is something here for you that is yummy.

07 Jul 2009

took my daughter here for her 10th birthday, was a wonderfull night, they treated her like an adult and she always asks when we going back. was a little expensive but very good value for the quality

29 Apr 2008

There may be some bias, as we did get engaged here! But I found the harbourside dining very conducive to a romantic night, excellent presentation of food, unpretentious and delicious meal. A healthy eating out option!

Approximate cost: $18-25

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