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09 Nov 2018

I had a horrible experience with the [Redacted name] when I went to national capital motors-belconnen with my car,the [Redacted name] was very rude to talk and was not bothered about customer feedback about the problem that my car had not neither been washed nor cleaned inside.
Despite my request and Hyundai assured complimentary wash of its vehicles until 75000 kms whenever they come for service.
Would not recommend any one to buy their vehicles from this dealership as their after sales service is a load of crap.

10 May 2009

Follow, it is the letter that I sent to the NCM Manager :

I am the owner of a Mitsubishi starwagon registered XXXXXX year 1997.
I bought this vehicle 2 years ago and trusted your team in Braddon to be in charge of it for maintenance and repairs.
All services and repairs have been done in your garage. This reflects the trust I had in your team. But since January 2009, I suffer the deterioration of the services and the competencies of your team.

I came to your garage due to an oil leak from the vehicle. Your team told me the leak was from the rear main engine seal, and the rocker cover gasket. I also asked them to solve the problem of a noise from the engine. I already asked for that during the previous service but nothing had been done to solve it.

After 3 days without my car and an invoice of 1500 AUD, I got my vehicle back. There was no more noise and your team told me I could go on holidays safely.
However, after one week on the road, I noticed the leak was still there and the noise had come back.

After my holidays, I came back to meet your team. They couldn't explain where the problem was from. They washed the engine of my car and asked me to come back 2 days later for an inspection. I came back and left my car but I thought they didn't tell me the truth.

They told me it was the rocker cover gasket (again). I disagreed with them and told them it was not possible, as they had already changed all the seals but not the one from the head gasket. I thought they had certainly removed the other seals for nothing (meaning I paid 1500 AUD for nothing) whereas the problem is from the head gasket from the beginning. I couldn't trust them any longer because they realized what had been removed and replaced on the car when I told them, arguing with evidences. It was like if they were discovering the vehicle whereas it had been inspected by them several times already. I consider there is definitely a lack of professionalism.

As I am French, my English is not always very good. It was easy for the persons of your team to tell whatever they wanted. But your team committed a mistake from the beginning. As I am under guaranty, they say that it doesn't come from the Head Gasket but can't tell why it couldn't come from here…
Why is there still a leak? Why couldn't they repair it the first time then?

I asked for explanations to your manager in Braddon. He told me it was because the vehicle was old!!! Thank you for the customer's service!

Therefore, I wanted to inform you about this problem and tell you I am really disappointed by the lack of respect, honesty and professionalism of your team in Braddon.


Approximate cost: $1500

08 May 2008

I bought a new Lancer from them, the Lancer is fantastic, unfortunately this comapny was not.
I have so many concerns with National Capital Motors:
- the loan contract I negotiated through NCM was changed just prior to my signing to include a 'compulsory' gap insurance. I later discovered the gap insurance was not compulsory so I had the amount credited back to my loan. I referred this to the ACCC, they need more than just my complaint to investigate this further.

- the didn't initially pay a parking fine on my trade in car. The car got the fine after I'd traded it in, NCM assumed responsibility but did not pay it when they should have. I had to complete a statutory declaration stating that I did not own the car at the time.

- the car was sold to me with a dent in the back bumper. I find it very unlikely it wasn't noticed when they completed the dealership cleaning. I only didn't see it because when I took possession of the car it was dark - there is a roof that makes it very dark.

- I was given incorrect advice about the dent. The NCM salesman told me to wait until my first service and they would deal with the dent then. He should have reported the dent straight away but did not.

- When I had the first service I was informed that I would have to wait until a Mitsubishi Assessor was brought up from Melbourne to assess it. I was also told that the service department wasn't responsible for any of this and it was sales.
I waited about 4 months for the Assessor. I called regularly and was even told by one of the Service men that none of it was his problem because he'd only worked there a couple of weeks. When I demanded I speak to his manager he refused to put me through and then informed me that 'conveniently' the Assessor has just got in touch the night before and I finally had a date for the assessment.

-There was never a question that the dent was done in the manufacturing - the paint was perfect over top. The Assessor agreed that it was done during manufacturing and I was lucky enough to be there to ask him what would happen. He informed me that I needed a new back bumper bar, it could not be repaired.

- I had some paint work I needed done on the car (a tangle with a pole) so I asked who NCM would be sending my car to for the paint work. After that I could check up on the progress of my back bumper with them.

- I called about 10 times asking multiple people at NCM what they planned on doing about the bumper. No one could tell me and the person who was mean to have arranged it all was away. When he returned it ended up he'd never ordered the bumper - I believe they weren't going to give me a new bumper and were just going to attempt to repair the one I had. I informed the NCM staff member that the Assessor had told me I was to get a new bumper and that is when he finally ordered it.

- More calls to NCM uncovered that he'd ordered it but hadn't had it painted. He only made arrangements with the smash repairers when I used some of my work time to go to NCM and demand resolution. Hepromised it would be painted the next day (Friday).

- The following Tuesday I called the smash repairers and they confirmed they had never received the bumper. I called NCM and asked if I had to walk it two doors down to the smash repairers myself. He finally gave it to the repairers for painting.

- I then spent more work time repeatedly calling NCM asking where my bumper was. They had missed yet another appointment (I think this was the third). I resorted to calling Mitsubishi and a nice man assisted me by calling NCM. NCM told Mitsubishi that my bumper was ready and waiting. This message was relayed to me from Mitsubishi and I was stunned because a minute before then I'd spoken to the smash repairer and it was still at his garage. This meant that the paint protection hadn't been applied and so it was not ready to be fitted. I called NCM and the staff member admitted to me he didn't have the bumper and it would be a couple of days before the protectant had been applied and it could be fitted.

- Unfortunately NCM did not give the smash repairers the correct paint code and the back bumper that was fitted to my car was noticeably darker than the rest of the car. I had waited around for the bumper to be fitted and I noticed about 4 service men all staring at my car - I knew something was wrong. When I walked over, I was blunt and asked them what was wrong (this was NCM service department). They tried to tell me everything was ok (I think they thought I was colour blind)! I took one look and said it was the wrong colour.

- NCM wanted to just blend the colours in, i.e. the back of my car would be darker than the front. THIS IS NOT WHAT MY CAR LOOKED LIKE WHEN I PURCHASED IT 5 MONTHS AGO. I was so fed up by then I just drove away.

- The bumper was finally painted the correct colour.

I- 've called NCM 20 - 30 times, the only time they really returned my calls was when I got Mitsubishi involved.

- I bought a new Lancer in 2003 from a dealership in Frankston Victoria, I had no problems at all with them.

21 Apr 2008

I dealt with 4 different people who work at this dealership and all of them were rude and inappropriate. They all told me different details about the car I was interested in. One of them was undressing me with his eyes. When I said I wanted the car in a few months for personal reasons he wanted me to explain all my PERSONAL reasons to him. They all used foul language. I felt extremly pressured until I mentioned that I wanted to do my own research and then everyone stopped talking to me. I wanted to buy the car but because of the whole experience and the way they conduct their business they lost a $30,000 deal.

02 Feb 2008

We bought a new car from national capital motors and sadly when we drove it out of the lot several things were not working, power windows and air conditioning vents, not to mention scratches inside and outside of the car. We have been back to the service department 5 times to get these things fixed but they are yet to fix everything. I noticed that try every reason why they shouldn't fix it which is very upsetting. I would never suggest anyone buy a car from this store, we had numerous problems with several of the staff members. I suggest you do not buy cars from National Capital Motors. The sales assistances promise you the world but after they take your money they are not willing to follow through on promises. Very disappointed.

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