6 reviews about National Wine Center Of Australia

11 Jul 2013

This place is a remarkable facility and definitely worth going to have a look. It has brilliant architecture and design and makes you feel like you are in an expensive building where no expense has been spared. I was quite disappointed that it did not have free wine tastings of any of our locally produced wines. (C`mon SA, whats with that?)

Zen23 11 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

it's a good place to visit while you are in adelaide =)

17 Jan 2013

We held a family function here. The negotiations leading up to the event were great. The venue looked amazing on the day, the staff were fantastic and the food was divine. Nothing was too much trouble! They are not cheap by any means but I can highly recommend them.

08 Aug 2012

I love this venue as it is very professional and convenient to hold functions. I love how the building is shaped like a big Wooden boat. I have attended several weddings and I felt their wine knowledge and service was above excellence. The food was a little small but the flavour is fantastic. The staff are very helpful too. Just to add, this venue won best caterer in Adelaide for 2012.

07 Aug 2012

I am looking into booking a large function but am a little concerned in my early dealings if they can handle the size of it. I have been here for functions before and it was fine but not outstanding.

15 Nov 2009

As a wine centre this is a great place to visit. Full of information and you have the opportunity to taste some great wines. Unfortunately we went here for a large function and were sorely disappointed. The main meals were verging on inedible - in fact I didn't eat my fish. The service was ok but could certainly be better. The best course was the dessert, which was needed to fill you up after the main course disaster. I would only visit here again for the wine, not the food.

05 Jun 2008

Here is a place where you can find out the history of wine in australia, and also how it is made. An interactive tour to understand what makes wine what it is and what you should get out of each variety.

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