7 reviews about New York Bar And Grill

20 Jun 2018

The place is very big and easy to get a table without booking. Their $10 lunch menu were excellent, value for money. Food was served fast and delicious.

happyshopping 21 Jun 2018 · 100% Trust

It is convenient if you wish a main meal when at Marion Westfield

24 Oct 2012

Nothing too special about this place. Went here on the insistence of friends who wanted to see what the 'New York' experience was like. Beyond the decorations, which were not too cheesy, there was not much else. The service was average, I would not describe it as friendly or efficient, but are meals were served in a timely manner and the quality was not too bad. There was not much atmosphere in the place and overall the experience was quite average considering the big whoopla that is on the outside of the building.

Approximate cost: $25

29 Jul 2012

Went for tea with the family recently. We hadnt made a booking (on a Saturday night, which was a bit slack on our part), so the place was full. But the waitress was very polite and said that if we didnt mind waiting awhile, they would seat us as soon as possible. We only had to wait about 5 or 10 minutes before we were taken to a table.
We found the staff to be friendly and polite. The food was fine, not outstanding, but definitely not the worst I've ever been served. And the wait 'til receiving our meals was within an acceptable time, considering it was a busy Saturday night.
The look of the place inside is interesting, with high ceilings, balustrades, balconies etc. A New York feel, I guess.
Prices were not too bad. Overall, not a bad night out.

11 Apr 2012

A truly bad experience. Did not get what I ordered but did get a lot of snide looks from staff and outright arguing with me about it. Completely unprofessional, especially since I was polite when I explained it was not what I ordered. I did try the meal I was served, because I didn't want to have to wait ANOTHER hour for food, but one bite of it was absolutely disgusting. It was burnt and inedible. I could not take a second bite.

Approximate cost: $26

09 May 2011

I was served with great customer service and the people were very friendly. I was quite happily surprised with the great value for money menu and look forward to dining there again!

Approximate cost: $10

07 Apr 2011

Possibly our worst dining experience in years - slow service, tables not cleared, nothing outstanding about the food (Butter Chicken ordered - hard pressed to find any chicken!)
First time visit, and unfortunately the last - many superior alternatives nearby!

Approximate cost: $12.90

26 Jun 2008

Great dining experience in my opinion. The restaurant really captures the New York style dining. It has decorations that bring the restaurant to life! Food was pretty good. We had juicy red steak and pizza. Burgers and bagels for breakfast are some of the famous thing here.

Approximate cost: $14

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