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06 Sep 2013

I've been wanting to buy this brand as I have heard and read all good things about the products. My first order experience was amazing, very friendly and easy to deal with. Extend a lot of help and the product itself is fantastic. EasyStuff is my favorite night-time nappy for my baby and bedwetter for my 4 year-old is such a MUST!!

04 Sep 2013

nip naps! OMG i LOOOOOVE these!!! i got given a coupl of these from my baby.. the material, fabic the look and teaxture of the reusable nappies are a woow factor. my son feels comforble in them, im really happy with the product and is about to purchase a couple more via website as soon as pay comes in....
every baby deffs needs these for backup// and use for certain days. happy happy!!

Approximate cost: $gift/ baby shower

03 Sep 2013

I've ordered a lot of cloth nappies from Louise over the years and she is always quick to process and post your order. She also very kindly let me return something that I ordered but was not really right for us. I've used motherease onesize nappies with rikki covers full-time for my daughter from 3mths old to toilet training at 2 1/2yrs old (so since late 2009). I'm expecting again in october so I didn't hesitate to buy a full-time package from Louise again. They are beautiful, high quality, well made nappies. I love that they are organic cotton and buying them supporting jobs in canada rather than 'china cheapies'.

Approximate cost: $575.00

30 Aug 2013

I just got my second order from Nip Naps, my second baby is due in 2 months and I knew I wanted to order my nappies from Louise again, as we have really enjoyed using Mother Ease one size nappies which we bought from her for my 18 month year old son. The first set of nappies I use are all still in good condition, I needed to just upgrade to the next size of nappy covers for my son, and so I ordered them along with a 12 nappy package with Small covers for my new arrival. The price was very reasonable, Especially with the package deals on sets of 4 covers. And my favourite part is that, as well as the Wizard Duo bonus nappy (which was advertised that I would get with the package), she ALSO threw in a another free gift of a discontinued swim nappy - :-) Pretty special! Great service. Good care instructions that come with the nappies too. I have followed them and never had any problems. Yay.

Approximate cost: $350

Nip Naps 31 Aug 2013

Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for your lovely review. It's great when customers come back - I feel like I must be doing something right :-)

27 Aug 2013

Hello nip naps is an absolutely brilliant business. They are friendly, helpful, generous and always go above and beyond with their service. Their range of products is fantastic and the information on their website is invaluable. Highly, highly recommend. . . . Local, great..."

20 Aug 2013

They are very easy to deal with, reply quickly to emails. Orders are dispatched promptly. Have never had any need to contact them regarding incorrect or inadequate orders.

16 Aug 2013

The nappies here are great value for money and wonderful quality and absorbency! I will be going back to buy more and also some cute toys I saw in the shop just adorable. The service was great also :)

12 Aug 2013

Excellent communication and range of products is high quality, grabbed some great bargains. Loved the little information brochures in with the parcel. Thankyou and I look forward to shopping more with Nip Naps in the future.

Approximate cost: $50

29 Jul 2013

I first purchased the Wizard Duo cloth nappy trial pack from Nip Naps a few months ago. The order was easy to place and the nappies promptly arrived in the post. Some months later I decided to purchase more of the same kind. I remembered that in the first package there was a voucher for a free swimming nappy. Unfortunately I had misplaced the voucher due to recently moving house. I contacted Louise via the phone and she said it would be no problem to include the nappy in my next purchase and gave me the discount code to use. I made my purchase online with the same ease and in two days received my package. Sure enough, the free swimming nappy was included. I was very impressed with the speed that my order was processed and how easy it was to talk with Louise. The nappies are the best I have purchased (though at the upper end of the price scale) and recommend the Nip Naps site to all looking for modern cloth nappies.

Nip Naps 01 Aug 2013

I haven't had a customer yet who doesn't love the Uno nappies!

21 Jul 2013

Very personal service, prompt processing and delivery. Small personal touches make this a great business to deal with

Approximate cost: $100

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