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6 reviews about Noble Terrace Chinese Restaurant

24 Jul 2012

A good average prices average quality Chinese restaurant.It has new owners [not sure how long they have had the business] they are very friendly and helpful They have done little to change the decor quality or prices. The menu also remains pretty much the same although there were quite a few duck dishes on the specials board. We plan to go back soon to try the Salt & Pepper Duck.

06 Jun 2012

This place has never disappointed me. My family used to go here for all of our birthdays and they always treated us well. The food has always been fresh and you got quite a lot for your money.

Approximate cost: $17

20 Jan 2009

Love this place for a bite to eat. its clean and the owner is a lovely man who gives you lots of advice on what food you should try. Its much better since its moved across the road, the staircase in the previous building was awful.

18 Nov 2008

the chinese dishes there is very nice compared to other ordinary chinese restaurant.The service is not that bad as the foods arrives quite fast. The place is clean.

19 Oct 2008

The food is always excellent, with a range of Chinese dishes that are beyond the scope of a standard Chinese restaurant. The owner/manager is always a gentleman, gives the ladies flowers and generally the service is just excellent. The food is also extremely good.

17 May 2008

We have been going to this restaurant for over 20 years and no matter whether we have eat-in or take away the food is alway great. Especially my favourite Crispy Peking beef. The staff are alway polite courteous, and the added touch of a flower for the ladies on leaving is delightful.

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