8 reviews about Noodle Box

01 Aug 2013

Absolutely delicious flavorsome meal. Fresh vegetables, noodles, selection of meats and delicious sauces. Great friendly service and very quick to get your meal. Will be going back for sure well worth the money. Join as a member and you get points that accumulate to get free food and discounts.

Approximate cost: $10-$14

28 Aug 2012

I eat one time in this restaurant, its service was good ,but some materials in the food were uncooked .

07 Jul 2011

Loved every meal I've had here, my favourite box is the KT box. I definitely recommend getting a Noodle Box value card (i.e. Noodle Crew), you accumulate points with every purchase and on your birthday get a free box. I loved it!

Approximate cost: $10-15

02 Apr 2010

Recently tried the Noodle Box's 'Build your own' screen. It was fantastic. I am rather fussy will fillings / sauces so I was very happy to be able to put everything I wanted into my meal.

The service was great, always is and there is nothing better than being able to watch the chefs in action (nothing to hide). All the ingredients are in front of you so you can see how fresh everything is.

The food quality was great and the size portion for the price is nothing to complain about. If I had to fault one aspect it would be that at times, you don't feel as though you get alot of substance in some of the dishes (the noodles being the majority) but you can change this by adding lot's more in now! Keep in mind, you pay for it though! But, value wise, it's worth it.

Highly recommended. It's the type of place you'd go to a few times per month.

Approximate cost: $10

03 Nov 2009

The quality and size of the food there is amazing. There are a lot of terrible, cheap noodle shops around that have made a bad name for places like this. The Noodle Box in Armstrong St has some of the best stir fry food I've ever tasted and the ordering method on the computer for "Build your own Box" is awesome. They make it so easy to create your own personalised meal and you hardly have to wait while you watch it be cooked by fantastic chefs infront of you.

Approximate cost: $14

30 May 2009

After a hard day of shopping l stopped by and found a clean shop with friendly staff and great menu to choose from and very quick service, they offer a rewards programme also. Seniors get a great deal on small meals

Approximate cost: $12.00

28 Apr 2009

I've had noodles from them a few times and they're generally pretty good. They seem a bit healthier than some other local options as they don't use too much oil.

Sometimes they have been a little overcooked for my liking.

Staff are helpful and patient with different orders.

Approximate cost: $11

06 Jul 2007

Noodle Box are very efficient and tend to get the orders out quickly. Very good for a no fuss, quick and not too unhealthly takeaway.

Approximate cost: $10

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