6 reviews about North Road Veterinary Centre

17 Jan 2013

The staff at this veterinary Centre cared for our three cats over a period of six years, and were professional in their conduct and caring in their nature. Like all vets their services aren't cheap, but if you have to pay good money for pet care I'd thoroughly recommend this clinic.

Approximate cost: $variable

22 Sep 2011

Very good friendly and professional advice, price not the cheapest but the best value, very friendly with the pet

17 Oct 2010

They are very caring and happy to spend time during consultations or on the phone to answer all your questions. My very nervous dog has never been anxious to visit this vet - she gets treats every time! They have also been considerate of financial restrictions and given advice on alternatives if you can't afford a certain treatment.

22 Dec 2008

I found a stray cat which i decided to adopt and care for and took her in for a general check up. The vet i saw gave her a complete check up and noted that she did have some gum disease i couldn't afford the operation my cat needs to clean the teeth and the vet was very understanding of this and offered several other alternatives that i may be able to try before resorting to the operation and even suggested the lord smith animal hospital as an alternative as it may not cost as much. I found that the vet seemed to actually care about my cat and also about my financial restrictions as well.

Approximate cost: $50 for a general check up

21 Aug 2007

We usually use North Rd Vets to board our cat when we go away. They've always been tolerant of our rather nervous pet who hates being away from home. They are also very good when giving him shots and general checkups

12 Aug 2007

This practice has cared for all of the cats and dogs we've ever had (3 dogs, 5 cats) including emergency care and the regular vaccinations and worming sort of visits. They send reminders for vaccinations and an email newsletter full of notes about pet-related topics. There's a grooming service and cat boarding too.

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