8 reviews about Northcote Social Club

06 Jan 2018

It's a pretty decent place that has live music and reasonably-priced drinks available, but isn't anything special. Gets pretty busy and the staff are friendly, and has a pool table

Approximate cost: $15

04 Feb 2014

Great music venue on High Street Northcote. The 86 tram stop is right out the front and in the midst of a whole range of bars. Gets pretty busy on Friday/Saturdays. The band room is separate, so if you just want to catch up with mates, you won't have to stop talking every 20 minutes when the gigs start. Monday Night Mass is great, free entry, great bands and its a bit quieter. Great for a catch up and to see a few shows. A few reviewers noted it's not a pristine place, but I've definitely seen worse. Really casual, good range of drinks. Pool table, big outdoor/smokers deck.

07 Sep 2013

Been here a few times, the service was ok, the food was great but the place just seems overcrowded every time I have been here. The toilets are something you don't really want to go in either. The balcony section usually gets so crowded with smokers that people who want to just get some fresh air don't get it. Seen a few fights break out at the front of this place but always felt safe having security on the door.

08 Jun 2012

I've been to this pub a few times, sometimes to see live music and other times just to enjoy a beer with friends. On all occasions I've found it a great pub. They have some really great bands from around Australia and the world that play there . There isn't a lot of great places to go in the Northcote/Preston area so I found the Northcote Social Club to be a great place to return to. It has a beer garden area for the nicotine dependents and the beer is reasonable priced.

Approximate cost: $5-

tangk 11 Jun 2012 · 100% Trust

Northcote has some cool places.

23 Nov 2009

This is the place to go for a Sunday session and maybe a parma. It's the parma you know will be safe every time.. not a 10/10 but good enough. The food is good, simple, reasonably priced. My friend loved her roo burger - can't say I would enjoy that, but that's just me. The spring rolls were surprisingly really, really nice.
Really friendly staff and just a cruisey laid back atmosphere.
I haven't stayed to watch any bands, but from the posters on the wall, they do get some awesome bands in.

Approximate cost: $15

12 Feb 2009

Music- five stars..loads of awesome bands, local and interstate, plus O/S artists

Bar- Busy, staff- cool and armed with a 'no nonsense' attitude.

Security staff- Can be a bit quick to flex those oiled up muscles. Be very careful not to light up your joint in the beergarden. You WILL be ejected.

Food- Not great. Tough steaks. weird tasting chicken parm. Standard 'pub meals' should be hard to mess up, but they manage to bring out some seriously average food. However you cant go wrong with the giant wedges or good ol' bowl of chips.

Vibe- lots of indie kids who are into non mainstream music and clothes.
Older 'once were' indie kids, who now have their own kids!
Generally a peaceful vibe of a crowd with shared interests, but there can be a rough element that creeps in later in the night.. ie.. sleazy guys you would not take home to meet your parents!

Approximate cost: $15

25 Feb 2008

About average in terms of bar service and variety, but they more than make up for that with the amazing range of artists who perform there. And unlike a lot of pubs, there's almost no chance of them ever running out of parking spaces.

31 Aug 2007

Great quality food and good service. Very good atmosphere. Outdoor area that is good in summer. Small but well thought out menu.

Approximate cost: $18

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