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03 Aug 2016

My partner took her vehicle for a "end of warranty" inspection yesterday at a cost in excess of $360.00 to enable her to go back to the car dealer prior to expiration of her warranty with detailed explanations of any faults that the vehicle may have. We chose what we thought was a trusted brand (NRMA) and were attracted by the fact that Kotara Motor Serve advertised a specific inspection service that perfectly suited our needs named "end of warranty report"
Obviously when someone chooses to spend that sort of money, they would expect that the report to be detailed, outlining the specific faults of the vehicle that would be covered by warranty and suggested remedies for the car dealer to rectify.

I think it would also be fair to assume that the Inspection would be focussed on items covered by second hand motor vehicle warranty.(consumables like wiper blades, tyres, spark plugs, scratches on paint and others considered to be "normal wear and tear" are generally not covered by second hand motor vehicle warranty)
Instead, and even after nominating several potential problems that we thought existed - like a considerable cooling system leak that required over 2 litres of water in the past week ( which by the way went totally unexplained ) the report given to us was almost totally filled with blindingly obvious and trivial observations like " sand in carpet on floor and seats" ( it is a 4WD...) and "touch up paint used on vehicle" that could have been observed by a 10 year old. The vast majority of comments made reference to items that are never covered by second hand vehicle warranty and as such were a waste of time and money.

To add insult to injury, they even nominated that the vehicle had "clunks and knocks from rear suspension". ....NO explanation of what was causing the problem !!
I was told if I needed a diagnosis of what was actually wrong with the suspension, or anything else - that would cost more!! .....REALLY ??? ... Isn't that what we paid for !!
Now I've had to book with another mechanic who has assured me that their end of warranty service actually identifies faults and suggests suitable remedies.
I can't believe that NRMA motor serve Kotara can advertise a service that bears so little resemblance to what would be expected from the average customer.

SHAME ON YOU NRMA MOTOSERVE KOTARA. We certainly won't be coming back. You've left a bad taste in our mouth.

lukes7 19 Feb 2017 · 100% Trust

This sounds like a absolutely awful experience. Thanks Andrew for putting up this review, I will make sure to avoid them.

03 Jul 2011

Very impressive. Reasonable prices plus extra discount for NRMA members. Good checklist of absolutely everything wrong with the vehicle. Female friendly - explained everything including what was necessary and what was cosmetic. Felt very confident following their advice.
Nice lounge area/reception with tv and coffee facilities.

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