3 reviews about Oatmill Cinema Comlex

21 Aug 2013

Great service, very friendly staff, Affordable food and beverage. Great selection of movies to view. Very clean and tidy and more than happy to visit there over and over again. great for birthdays or a day out.

Approximate cost: $9

05 May 2009

First time I have been to the cinema in Mount Gambier. I was a little non-plussed to see the outside of the theatre but once inside it was just like any other movie theatre I have been in. Besides you go for the movie not to rate the building.

Approximate cost: $11.00

22 May 2008

The Cinema is alot more modern on the inside than out, so don't be fooled. Cheaper than going to the movies in other cities, however we have found that half the time the movies that are being advertised on the television are not playing at the Oatmill as they only have 6-7 movies to choose from at any one time. The movie experience in the Oatmill is no different to a big city cinema such as Hoyts. The chairs are comfy and there is the usual amenities. The staff are friendly too.
It is though, the only cinema in town, so don't expect to be able to choose another cinema without a lengthy drive if the movie you want to see isn't on.

Approximate cost: $13

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