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5 reviews about Olympic Park Sports Medicine

22 Dec 2014

After my disastrous treatment by Balwyn Sports Physio (see separate review) I approached this venue with much trepidation as they normally deal with professional and semi professional sports people. And my fears all but dissolved when I met Mary Kinch.

Having paid $110 per session at the previous physio and hardly having any progress, I visited Olympic Park Sports Medicine and found that they really know their stuff and take the time to ensure that your recovery progresses with each visit. This centre was $100 per visit, $10 cheaper, but it wasn't the lower price that made every visit worth it.

When I first visited Mary, I could not walk properly after having three months of treatment with the last physio and had very low flexibility in the tendon - couldn't touch the wall when bending my knee very well. (I and had an operation to repair my achillies tendon - that's the tendon that runs at the back of your leg around the calf down to the ankle.)

Mary was very patient and on the first visit allowed me to explain all that had happened. What was of greater value was when she observed my walking, she picked up all the points or movements that I was doing wrong and patiently walked with me infront of a mirror so I could compare my gait to hers and what needed to be adjusted to make things right. In addition, with each visit she prescribed specific exercises to ensure that it targetted specific areas which needed to be worked on to ensure a full recovery and checked that I was doing them properly before I left - answering all my questions in a patient and friendly way.

She also called back quickly when I had a question if I forgot to ask when I visited for treatment - normally within the day or next day.

Every visit, she also ensured that she inspected the tendon and tested it to make sure that I was progressing back to full recovery. She made sure that with each visit the exercises were focused on increasing strength and stamina or flexibility - depending on my progress and the need to be back walking properly again.

It was also great that Mary is a keen skiier and understood what I wanted to do and the path to recovery to enable me to ski again, which I did this year with no pain and lots of stamina!

I rate this place very highly for their professionalism and patience and not focussing on getting you in and out as fast as they can. They are more focussed on getting you up and running instead of getting you in and collecting your money.

So if you ever need to undertake rehab after an injury, head over to OPSMC and ask for Mary!

Approximate cost: $100

04 Aug 2014

Physiotherapists Leanne Scown and Elise Fraser know their stuff when it comes to Joint Hypermobility Syndrome/HEDS and under their care and tutelage I have actually started to improve for the first time in *years*.

Approximate cost: $100

31 Mar 2011

Not cheap but everyone hear knows what they're doing. It's the only place to go for any sort of sport (or not sport in my case) injury. The doctors have been team doctors for almost every major sporting event including Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

Great injury management, I've been a patient on and off for almost 10 years and when things flare up, I always head back here.

Approximate cost: $100+

18 Jun 2007

Effective Physiotherapy

I have seen Emma (for knee problems when cycling) and also Chloe (for back problems). Emma got me to bring my bike in and she helped fine-tune the setup to minimise the problem. Also in both cases, the exercises they recommended sounded strange but really worked.

Approximate cost: $70

12 Jun 2007

The best cycling physio in Melbourne

I have seen Emma Colsen twice for cycling related injuries. As a keen cyclist herself, Emma was able to diagnose my problem and suggest excercises and changes in technique that helped me. Each time I have only required one visit.

Approximate cost: $70

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