5 reviews about Omega Driving School

24 Mar 2018

Have had 2 previous driving lessons before I started with Omega, with different teachers and different driving schools, but I always stop in the middle of the lessons before I actually gain confidence to do the practical driving test. Heard Omega from my friends who passed their tests, so I give it a try since I heard the teacher very patient and dont yell at you. And I passed! Thank you Maria and Denis, highly recommended

11 Dec 2014

My husband just recently got his Ps after being scarred and scared of driving with Ari from Omega. He is an amazing driving instructor and I would recommend him and Omega to anyone

16 Dec 2013

I would not recommend them due to their account and administration practices. I paid for 5 lessons up front and my daughter only used 2. Maria promised that she would refund only two of the 3 lessons not used. I had to chase her for months after she promised to refund this money. I still have not received all money promised to me. If you use them only pay cash at the time of the lesson. It is a pity that this has tainted their good name as the instructor was wonderful.

Approximate cost: $2 lessons for the price of 5

nickya 16 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

Sounds like a disappointing experience..... thanks for posting your review

tabatham 16 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

they sound aweful

14 Jul 2009

Omega is one of the best driver instruction services out there, I would recommend them to any parent or learner driver. My experience included alot of very intensive instruction and they also offer a fantastic pre-licence defensive driving course, which is invaluable for a learner driver. I found that my instructor felt personally responsible for making sure he was helping to pass competent young drivers, not reckless ones with bad habits. Omega is also a family owned business with alot of experience behind them, and it shows. I personally felt that they would put in as much time as I needed and really prided themselves on providing the best service and training.

17 May 2008

very helpful and passionate teachers, that teach you to drive not just to pass a test. I have personally heard great feedback about this company and can reccomend them myself

Approximate cost: $55

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