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06 Mar 2018

I am very happy with the service i receive from Optus,i have even put the rest of my family through optus and we get some great deals through them.

05 Mar 2018

I have been with a few services but find optus to be our best provider and we get deals every so often,i would not swap providers as i am really happy with my service.

21 Oct 2013

I usually have a great experience with optus although some of their customer service reps can be very rude like one who works in the geelong store. She has place a bad image to me on optus staff. The value for money is good though!

16 Aug 2013

i have always chosen optus for everything (mobile, internet and home phone etc). they do great deals and packages to suit which is great. i have had a few small issues with them over the years but they quickly sorted them out for me

14 Aug 2013

Optus was my first choice of mobile networks... The call centre staff are always wanting to help.... I do think they need more English speaking people there... Optus is affordable and have deals to suite every body

raym9 27 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

Optus call centre is much better than my previous telco, I couldn't even understand the language so I had no idea what they were telling me. When I joined Optus, I've never looked back.

13 Aug 2013

Very happy with optus and my telephone and internet package and also house phone for $100 a month. No problems and reccomend to my famiy and friends

10 Aug 2013

Very happy with optus prepaid. I pay $2 a day and get unlimited phone sms and internet. I have been with optus for a long time. I'm happy with the service.

03 May 2013

Optus broadband/phone plans for the Hervey Bay area are pitiful. After 10 years with Optus, we switched to iiNet and got 20 times the download and our phone bill reduced by 40%. None of the cheap, high bandwidth plans on their website are available in Hervey Bay due to some agreement with Telstra as explained to me by Optus Customer Support. We're glad to be rid of them.

01 May 2013

Accidentally paid bill to the wrong account code. Phoned them as soon as the payment went through and i realised it was a mistake. Was told everything would be fine. 2 weeks later Optus phoned to say they needed proof I made the payment. I sent them the info by fax. 2 weeks later our phones (we have 2 phones on one account) were barred as the $175 was not paid on our account. Phoned them up and they acknowledged an error & asked if I could send through proof of payment again & and turned our phones back on. 2 weeks later again phones barred. AGAIN optus apologised. Said there was miscommunication between departments. Asked f I could send through proof of payment again (3rd time!).

So furious with what was happening I went on the website and clicked on complaints. Wrote everything that had happened with all the supporting documentation of incorrect account code as well as the correct account code. Received an email back saying they can't help me because I do not know the personal information of the wrong account (eg name and pass code) and to contact them once I find it out. By this stage our contracts had been cancelled by Optus.

Called Optus and was told it was a computing error and we would need new SIM cards. This was at 4pm on a Friday. Got the new sims and one was activated immediately yet the other was not. Called Optus and asked why. Was told sim was faulty and I would need to get another. Was then called back to say sorry but they had not activated it yet and it's not faulty. They also asked if we could send the documentation again.

Was so furious I phoned the ombudsman first thing Monday. By Wednesday senior management phoned and apologised. So far phones are still on.

What a joke! Contract is up in November. We will be switching away from Optus!

17 Apr 2013

We have been optus customers for many years now, we like our home phone and internet package, it suits us as a family.
We also have our mobiles with optus which has been great, having switched from vodafone bad service.

Customer Service can vary, it just depends who you get on the line, at times service can be fantastic, then on the other hand its not that great. Though saying this they have tried to fix my enquiry if they cannot on the spot they always call me back. Both my husband and I have been happy.

Eveready 26 Apr 2013 · 60% Trust

A good find SB, as a rule the Optus stores seem to have great difficulty sustaining a welcoming disposition but at least they're always a bit more welcoming than Telstra.

Unfortunate that because they depend on conning their clientele into purchases they often don't need.

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