4 reviews about Oriental Inn Chinese

19 Apr 2012

I have chosen to comment on this resturant as I have had a not so good experience. 12 months ago I would agree that they were the best Chinese around this area with price and service but it has deteriated in many ways. The service is good but the food is not what I expected. I ordered a large special fried rice and got rice with ham, that's it. When I called to advise of this I was told that the ingredients would be added as extra when I ordered next when really it should have been replaced. I have to say, I won't be returning there for any food. Ham something that was never part of the ingredients in the past, it used to be authentic now it's an Aussie fried rice with minimal ingredients. Not at all impressed especially when I asked and paid for extra egg and prawns. It's a real shame.

Approximate cost: $9

30 Mar 2011

I have been eating there for the past 14 years. There food is the best Chinese around and always great value.

Approximate cost: $16

14 Mar 2010

excellent we went there because this other restraunt let us down anyway great service excellent value and excellent food highly recomend and i must say thank u for the free prawn crackers..

Approximate cost: $45

15 Jan 2010

Just a little over satisfactory, this Chinese restaurant is quite nice. The food was very tasty, the service was pretty good and overall I had a good experience. The prices were also affordable and the restaurant was clean and tidy.

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