14 reviews about Osso Bar & Restaurant

12 Oct 2015

Good location. Clean premises. Ribs n steak place. Made correctly. Good grain fed steak that was tender and succulent.

23 Dec 2013

Osso is an outstanding local restaurant - don't be turned off by the club in which it resides. The service is first class and the wine list is extensive (and can be quite expensive!). The feel you get from the staff is that they simply know what they are doing , what their produce is about and where it has originated from. Not a massive meal menu, but of very high quality; boutique steaks to suit a regular to very high budget. Special occasions - this is a great place to go rather than venturing into the city.

Velvethearts 25 Dec 2013 · 100% Trust

The steaks sound good. Will have to pay a visit, thanks for the review.

08 May 2013

The food at Osso was amazing ( especially the desserts), the wait staff were friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was cool & lounge like.
I will be returning.

09 Feb 2012

Osso are now in Penrith Panthers complex. They have a mid-week lunch special which includes a soft-drink or wine and meal for $19.95. The quality of the food at Osso lifts it well above its comparably priced competitors for lunch time specials, and cafe experience.
Well worth the wait - as they open from 12noon on the dot.

Approximate cost: $19.95

09 Feb 2011

Ok - staff were rather silly in writing down items I ordered. Wrong meal arrived. Prices ok considering fine dining

16 Feb 2010

it's great to see some Mod Oz food making it's way to Penrith. My only fault would be the service, we went for a birthday and had an awful time trying to get the waitstaff's attention. One member of the party didn't receive his meal. None of the waitstaff noticed and it took us a good fifteen minutes to get someone's attention so the poor bloke could eat.
The food is very good, but they don't need to serve as much. I started forcing my entree on people because I knee I wouldn't be able to eat my main otherwise. Fine dining doesn't need steakhouse sized servings.

Approximate cost: $30

01 Dec 2009

Had a great dinning experience there with my husband, food was great prices were also great for a fine dinning restaurant in penrith, service were friendly & helpful, will be back again soon

27 Oct 2009

Great to see a quality restaurant in the Penrith area! Have been to Osso several times since opening. Have never had a bad experience, the food is always exceptional with a reasonable range offered. The tasting plate that used to be served was good and is a shame it's not still offered. Will be interesting to see if the quality remains the same once they move to Penrith Panthers.

20 Oct 2009

Osso has an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in the middle of Penrith. Serving up la di da cuisine and top notch deserts. Great for a romantic dinner or to take close family and friends, huge variety of wines to select from.

01 Oct 2009

I enjoyed a really nice birthday dinner with my family. The menu was great with something for everyone, I need to go back just to try out some other meals. The Chocolate platter looked fabulous.

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