9 reviews about Pacific Fish & Chips

12 Jan 2017

Best fish and chips shop in Frankston. The staff are really nice people and the prices are very reasonable. Food is consistently perfect. Shop is old style but still clean with good atmosphere. I hope they keep them as they are!

Approximate cost: $15

04 Jan 2017

Quality food and nice owner! It's always been busy over there. Burgers aren't taste as good as before after they change to Bakers' Delight Hamburger roll. But their flake is still the best!

Approximate cost: $15

04 Jan 2017

I was passing by the other day and was surprised they were one of the few shops that were still open during the holidays in that street! And their food was surprisingly good! Especially the fish! Best fish I ever had for fish n chips! I guess that's why they were busy. Will definitely go again if I'm in the neighbourhood.

Approximate cost: $10

12 Nov 2016

The food used to be great here before the new [redacted due to racial comment] owners took over. The meat in the hamburgers taste like they're straight from the frozen food packet, the chips taste like rubber, the dim sims smell off and the meat inside looks like cat or dog meat, the fish tastes like rubber and the souvlakis are average with way too much salt in them.
Forget going here to buy your fishnchips. They're the worst in the South East region of Melbourne!
Bring back [redacted - identifies alternative business by name], is closed. They had new owners who were bringing back all of the previous customers before the previous owners lost them!! Their food was the best!!

Approximate cost: $10

johnl492 04 Jan 2017 · 0% Trust

I order their food every week. And, it's hard to believe that their dim sim is made by cat or dog meat when you see them grabbing the bag of dim sim with a brand called "Chung Wa" which you get from other shops as well. And, I never realized that any chips can be tasted like a rubber regarding to its nature (I could be wrong, please delight me). As far as I know, the owner has been operating the business for more than 5 years. It's always been busy over there. They may fucked up some orders (mine as well) from time to time when it's busy. But you can always get free food or discount next time when you mentioned it. Surprisingly to see such biased comments.

04 Oct 2016

Good quality food. Awesome fish, not like others on the street! It's hard to call in when their phone's busy.

Approximate cost: $10

17 Dec 2011

Having sampled fish and chips from the low to high end I can honestly say these guys were a surprise.
Great prices and quality tasty menu.Some of the best chips Ive tried in Melb.

21 Apr 2011

My favourite local takeaway joint - I live closer to the Karingal Drive shops which have two decent fish and chip shops, but I always drive the bit extra to go to Pacific. Their potato cakes and flake are crunchier, they always throw in a bit extra on the orders, and it is always DELICIOUS. My only drawback is the cost, but to be honest, I love the food so much that I will spend $15-$20 there for a really good dinner.

Admittedly my mum thinks the food is a bit too greasy, but I disagree - and whenever she says she is ducking down to the fish and chip shop I always try and convince her to go to Pacific! :)

Approximate cost: $10-$15

11 Mar 2011

Fresh & well cooked not cheap but good quality fish & chips. Friendly staff who always remember our order.

18 Dec 2008

Having just moved into the area, we had been looking for a good fish and chip shop and these guys beat the others we have tried hands down. The shop is nice and clean and the people are friendly

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