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#3 in Templestowe Lower VIC
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02 May 2014

Always has been a great restaurant. After the renovation, it has become even better. The conservatory has been reinvigorated - that extra sparkle which comes from a renovation.
Glamorous furnishings and decor aside, the atmosphere, service and menu deliver a top quality experience which is perfect for a special group event or more intimate setting. There is lots of choice, and everything our table tried was good, especially the seafood.

29 Jun 2013

The best lamb shoulder i've ever eaten! Just melts in your mouth. Staff are super friendly, the place is great, the service is quick and hassle free and the meals are a great size for the price!

Approximate cost: $30

28 Jun 2013

My favourite restaurant in Melbourne. Service is above and beyond, decor is welcoming and the food is out of this world. I always bring visitors to Melbourne to this place, love it!

16 Apr 2012

Can't believe I've only just discovered this place. I recently went here with a small group and LOVE the vibe they've got going on. The food was superb (I had a lovely lamb dish) and the service impeccable. Highly recommend.

06 May 2011

I really enjoy myself every time I go hear. Try to get a room near the huge windows. It's worth a visit for the decor alone, but seriously the food it great and service is wonderful as well. Also heaps of great starters that work well to share with larger groups.

Approximate cost: $20

29 Sep 2007

The place is ace. The decor is amazing - has these awesome windows and really great vibe. The food here is pretty good - last time I ate there I had a really nice quail. They make great cocktails and have a fantastic wine list. Also good for a game of pool.

cybertr0n 28 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

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