31 reviews about Parkers Steak House

07 Feb 2018

Best steak I have ever had. Not a steak person the chicken and fish are also amazing. Excellent customer service. Definitely recommended

14 Jan 2017

Friends took me to Parkers for dinner. They requested Bloody Mary drinks made there with clamato juice, they were surprisingly good. I ordered the porterhouse, and it was delicious. Always good service with attentive friendly staff too.

19 Feb 2015

All I need to write is Parkers steakhouse is simply amazing and that is it you would not need to say anything else.

I will add however, if you haven't been before then you have to try the pork ribs, best in Victoria!

REDMARTINI 24 Jan 2016 · 100% Trust

I have to agree that Parkers is amazing! I have never ordered anything but steak, but after reading your review I think I might give the ribs a shot next tie.

ben-minutoli 27 Jan 2016 · 100% Trust

Oh trust me, once you have them there you will lust for them everywhere you go.

Actually that is the only negative I can think of, they are so good here, that everytime I go somewhere else and see ribs on the menu I want to order them, because I think they would be as good as here, but 9/10 times I am left very disappointed, because there are not many places that can match these guys. Actually that is if I can order them, the amount of times I have gone to order ribs at other restaurants and then I'm told they are not gluten free is a joke, there are not many people that do make ribs that are gluten free. So that is the other thing I like about this place, everything is gluten free.

27 Mar 2014

I totally love a well cooked steak. I've had a few steaks in my 55yrs and I'd have to say (as I said to the owner on the night) that the Rib Eye Fillet I had a few weeks ago (March) would have to be the best I've ever eaten. It's a big statement for me, but it's true. Cooked to perfection (medium) it simply melted in my mouth. Exceptionally fine grained and incredibly tasty. Well done.

Approximate cost: $50

27 Dec 2013

i really enjoyed my night out here i ordered a medium to well done porterhouse and it was cooked perfectly and you could tell it was made from high quality beef,the service was good also

23 Dec 2013

decent steaks, size and taste wise and okay customer service

steaks were very filling, so was worth the price which wasn't too expensive

good family friendly atmosphere too, would probably go back in the future

23 Dec 2013

only been the once but i enjoyed the steak ,it was very juicy and perfectly cooked to your preference the service was quite good and the staff were friendly,wasn't overly busy the night we were there

17 Dec 2013

We have dinner here recently with a group of friends for a "going away dinner" the costumer service com wait staff was good, they where friendly, meal sizing was of good sizing ( personally I found them to be more on the large side) over all we where very happy and pleased and will be going back again for sure

06 Nov 2013

had a meal here with the family very reasonable prices through out venue and great food very good serving and the size of the meal was huge awsome customer service here very enjoyable meal in a great atmosphere will eat here again

Approximate cost: $42

26 Oct 2013

its the best so yummy worth the price you way diffently I would never have a complaint about it the staff is friendly present themselves nicely and they present there food really good too very impressed will be going back there soon :)

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